Naser Khosrow, Tehran’s 'abortion street'

Abortions are legal in Iran – but only if the woman can prove that giving birth would pose a health risk to herself or her child. Therefore, women who want to get abortions for other reasons have to seek out dangerous underground methods. This often takes them to an infamous street called Naser Khosrow in south Tehran. Read more...


“Why I wanted to be ‘Miss Muslim’”

The third annual “Miss World Muslimah” beauty pageant for Muslim women, which garnered international media attention, was recently held in Jakarta. One of its contestants, a young woman living in Iran, tells us why she decided to participate.

Everybody's Gone Surfin'...Surfin' Iran

The first woman ever to surf Iran's waves is Irish. Instead of heading to the well-worn beaches of California or Australia, Easkey Britton decided to go to Iran to introduce women there to the sport. Read more…


Videos show Iranian officers supervising Syrian soldiers

Videos published online show Iranian military officers working with soldiers from Syria’s regular army, giving them advice and instructions for combat. This footage revives the debate over Iran’s military presence in Syria, even as Iranian authorities continue to deny that they have sent any of their fighters there. Read more...


The latest faux pas in Iran: leggings

An elasticised, skin-tight leg garment is causing offence amongst Iran's leading imams, the authorities and conservative media. The common legging has been deemed ‘unislamic’ by proponents of the country’s strict dress code and women who flout the rules risk arrest. Read more...

Cartoon explains everything you ever wanted to know about Iran

Ever had any questions about Iran? Now, you can ask her. Yes, her. Iran is represented as a smart, sassy cartoon lady on the blog “Ask Iran”, where she answers readers’ questions on everything from “Do all Iranians have dark hair?” to “Can you tell us more about Afro-Iranians?” Read more...


Iran’s underground hip hop dance scene

Aside from some sanctioned, traditional dances, it is forbidden to dance in Iran. Hip hop music is also forbidden. And yet hip hop dancing is becoming a very popular hobby with young Iranians. Read more…

Victory for Iran protesters as govt closes polluting factory

Tired of the air pollution caused by a factory in the northwestern city of Zanjan, local residents twice took to the streets in the past two weeks, prompting the government to finally shut it down. However, our Observer says the battle isn’t quite over yet. Read more…

Iran's fake models try to make it big overseas

Becoming a ‘model’ in Iran is easier that you might think. Young men and women are turning to social media in the hope of increasing their chances of breaking into the highly competitive modelling industry. They choose a fancy outfit, put on heavy make-up, some even opt for cosmetic surgery, and find a photographer willing to take their photo. They then upload the snaps onto Facebook, change their profession to ‘Model’ and, hey presto, they call themselves models. The catch is, they are not paid to pose, but they still need to pay their photographer. Read more...