Iran unveils machine for amputating thieves’ fingers

One of Iran’s official press agencies published photos showing the public amputation of a thief's fingers on Wednesday. These show a man getting his finger chopped off with a machine resembling a rotary saw. Read more...

Soaring prices, censorship, and dating woes: three Observers talk about daily life in Iran

To mark the broadcast of FRANCE 24’s exclusive report from Iran, “Life Under Sanctions”, three of our Observers agreed to tell us about some of the daily challenges they face. Their faces are blurred to ensure their security. Listen to what they have to say…

Iran’s war on satellite dishes: “We just buy new ones the next day”

Iranian police have launched a new crackdown on satellite dishes, which many Iranians, especially in the capital, use to watch TV channels broadcasted from abroad. The police do this on a regular basis, but, despite changing tactics, our Observers in Tehran tell us this is a losing battle. Read more…

Video shows mugging in broad daylight on Tehran’s streets

The scene, filmed by a surveillance camera, is brief but violent. It takes place in a street in Tehran, as the taxis’ license plates indicate, and shows a man being mugged by four other men. Watch the video...

Iranian blogger Satar Beheshti dies in jail from feared torture


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From Iran to DR Congo, our Observers share reactions to Obama’s win

As soon as Barack Obama’s re-election was announced, Internet users from around the world went online to react to the news. Our Observers sent us some of the most interesting comments they spotted, giving us an idea of how Obama’s win is viewed outside of the United States. Some are enthusiastic, others blasé, and yet others downright funny. Read more…


Tehran’s bazaar merchants up in arms as currency plummets

Thousands of protesters clashed with riot police in Tehran on Wednesday in the first sign of unrest over the plunge of Iran’s currency, which has lost more than a third of its value in less than a week. Our Observer explains that shopkeepers in the capital’s grand bazaar – who are unnerved by the market’s instability – are leading the charge, blaming the government for their woes. Read more...

Google ban: “More Iranians will just learn to use illegal software”

Iran may have blocked access to Google and Gmail, but that doesn’t mean that Iranians aren’t still using the world’s most popular search engine and email service. Read more…

Photos by an Observer in Iran show villages levelled by earthquake

Now that the search for survivors has been called off, attention is turning to the thousands left homeless by the twin earthquakes that hit Iran’s northwest on Saturday. Our Observer, who travelled to the region Monday to bring aid, took photographs of villagers who have lost everything in the rubble. Read more…