New Delhi to host Commonwealth games – but at what cost?

New Delhi is preparing to host its first Commonwealth Games (GWG), a multi-sport competitive event between independent countries, most of whom used to be part of the old British Empire. But forced evictions, unfinished construction sites and spiraling costs have left Delhi residents wondering whether the games ‘extravaganza' is worth it. Read more...

Reporting drivers on Facebook

New Delhi only has about 5000 traffic police officers for the 12 million inhabitants. To control the traffic, the police have to count on… Facebook users! Read more...


Anti-price hike strikers paralyse India

A 24-hour strike in protest against fuel price hikes caused transport chaos and violent clashes in India's biggest cities yesterday. Read more...


New Delhi’s “killer buses”

On Sunday night, the Blueline bus chain claimed its third victim in just over a week. No surprise there - around 100 people a year die in accidents with the notorious service. Will the government keep its promise to get rid of the buses in time for the Commonwealth Games in October? Read more and see the buses en route...


Indian women learn karate - to thwart male aggressors

More and more Indian women are signing up to learn karate, Israeli krav-maga and traditional stick-fighting. Not to protect themselves against thieves, but against the sexually frustrated. Read more...

Separatist who burnt himself to death for 29th Indian state

This gruesome poster shows an IT student burning to death after setting himself alight at his university in the central region of Telangana, which he believed should be autonomous from Andhra Pradesh (AP), the state in which it lies. The young martyr is not the only one from the disaffected area, where more than 200 people are thought to have committed suicide in a desperate plea for autonomy. Read more...

Tibetans in exile, 51 years later

Thousands of exiled Tibetans gathered in Dharamsala, north India, on Wednesday to mark the 51st anniversary of the aborted uprising in 1959. One of our Observers was there. Here are his photos:


India celebrates festival of colours with holy marijuana milkshakes

Holi is a spring Hindu festival celebrated in north India, well known around the world as an extravagant celebration of colours. But lesser-known is that it’s also traditionally celebrated with marijuana milkshakes. Read more…


India’s champion of the poor sparks storm over grandiose handbag statues

The chief minister of India's most populous state is liked by some for being comparatively young, female, and from the country's lowest caste. But recently, she's become better known for using public money to build statues of herself. Holding a handbag. Read more...


The Indian Spiderman

This Indian climber, who says he takes his inspiration from monkeys and Spiderman, is leaving tourists flabbergasted. See him in action...