‘Fear no more the heat of the sun’: Shakespeare in S. Sudan

An improbable sight can be witnessed in Juba these days: South-Sudanese actors dressed in traditional garb reciting Shakespeare in Juba Arabic. They are part of South Sudan Theatre Company, which has been fighting tooth and nail to help the art of theatre thrive in a difficult environment. Read more...

Millions of exiles head to southern Sudan for referendum

A referendum on the independence of South Sudan is set for January 9. Hundreds of thousands of South Sudanese, who live in exile in the north of the country, have already taken to the road to get back to their homeland. Read more...

Amateur footage and eyewitness account of Western Sahara violence

Violent clashes broke out yet again on Monday in Laayoun, the largest city of the Western Sahara, a desert region disputed between the Kingdom of Morocca and the Polisario Front rebel group, a Sahrawi nationalist movement. Read our Observers' account.

Pakistanis show their pride for national day, despite official cancellation

For Pakistanis outside the country's disaster zones and able to celebrate this year's national holiday on August 14, it will be a low key affair after the announcement just a day before from President Asif Ali Zardari that the official party has been cancelled.Read more...


Should former French colonies march on Bastille Day?

To celebrate 50 years of independence, soldiers from France's former African colonies have been invited to take part in the Bastille Day march on Wednesday. Read some of our Observers' reactions to the controversial invitation.

Fifty years after independence, how will you celebrate?

Independence celebrations in DRC in 2009. Source: Radio Okapi on Flickr.

Twenty-seven African countries celebrate 50 years of independence this year. If you live in one of those countries and you, or someone close to you, witnessed that historic day, tell us your story on the FRANCE 24 Observers. Read more...


Kosovars celebrate local hero, Bill Clinton

On November 1 the streets of the Kosovan capital Pristina were crowded with people waiting to see one of their favourite icons, former US president Bill Clinton. During his visit, a three-metre-tall bronze statue was unveiled on a corner of the same street that carries his name. The bronze Clinton clutches documents with the date 24 March 1999 stamped on them, marking the day NATO began its bombing of Serbian posts in Kosovo. Read more and see the photos...


"The kids are not to blame"

A protest in Belgrade of 150,000 people against the independence of Kosovo turned into a mass riot yesterday. Our Observer from Serbia says that the government is only adding fuel to the fire. Read more…

Protesters in central Belgrade yesterday afternoon.