Hong Kong

Seven things Hong Kongers fear they could lose to China

Tens of thousands of people – half a million, according to organisers – took to the streets of Hong Kong Tuesday for a pro-democracy rally. Our Observers explain that they are afraid of losing many of the freedoms they enjoy in Hong Kong if the Chinese authorities gain more influence in the city’s affairs. Read more...

A shady trade in Hong Kong: shark fins drying on a rooftop

In December 2010, a YouTube video showing a Hong Kong pavement littered with drying shark fins caused a public outcry. The island’s traders have since moved their activities high up onto Hong Kong’s rooftops to avoid more bad publicity. But they couldn’t keep away from the cameras forever. A local resident recently blew the whistle on the legal, but highly criticised, practice. Read more…

In Hong Kong, support the authorities and pocket €25

Tens of thousands protested in Hong Kong on Tuesday to demand the resignation of Leung Chun-ying, chief of the Executive Council of Hong Kong, which is an institution backed by Beijing. The very same day, thousands took to Hong Kong’s densely packed streets in a counter demonstration supporting the territory’s highest official. They ended the day 250HKD (€25) richer.

Plans for an artificial beach in Hong Kong attracts locals’ fury

Three hundred animal and plant species could vanish from Hong Kong’s Lung Mei shoreline due to an artificial beach project. At least, that’s what residents from the district in which the beach would be located claim. Tai Po district has seen an increasing number of protests from environmentalists as the construction's start date looms. Read more...

Protests against 'brainwashing' course continue in Hong Kong

It would be fair to say that the school year in Hong Kong has gotten off to a rocky start. Outraged over the city’s plan to require schools to introduce a controversial national history course, thousands of students, parents and teachers have taken to the streets outside Hong Kong's education headquarters, criticising the new plan as “brainwashing”. Read more…

Chasing dissidents as far as Hong Kong

Some 21 activists from Hong Kong gathered at the frontier with mainland China on Sunday to show their support for jailed dissident Liu Xiaobo. As soon as the group got close to the border, mainland police took the chance to reach over and arrest them... despite them being geographically beyond the officers' jurisdiction. Read more and see the video...