Exchange student targeted in homophobic Russian video

A video recently posted online by a group of homophobes based in Belgorod, Russia, shows an attack on a young exchange student who is beaten, undressed and forced to imitate sex scenes. The video of his ordeal lasts 33 minutes. Afterwards, the student tried to complain to his host university. However, he was reportedly dropped from the school’s roster and is now back home in Swaziland. Read more...

Vicious attack in Paris: “This is the face of homophobia”

The picture, posted on Facebook, is hard to look at. It shows a young man with two black eyes, a broken front tooth, and blood smeared all over his face and shirt. The caption: “This is the face of homophobia”. Shortly after being assaulted in the street, the young Dutch man living in Paris shared his story. Read more...

Gay community reeling after homophobic shooting

Two people were killed and 13 injured on Saturday night when a masked man opened fire in a refuge for gay people in Tel Aviv. The attack has stunned the gay community there, leading to a mass movement both in the city and on the Net. Read more...

Hunting the homo – the game infuriating gay rights activists

A video game hosted by a Georgian website is causing outrage in the anti-homophobe world. The idea - to shoot nudists, before they bugger you, was created by a Frenchman. It's banned in France... but not in Georgia. Read more.


'Luca was gay', and then he realised his mistake

Italian singer Giuseppe Povia is causing outrage in Italy over "Luca era gay" (Luca was gay), a song about a gay man who goes straight. See the clip and read more...


Gay witch-hunt in Ksar el Kébir

Rumours of a supposedly gay marriage, reported by the local press, lead to a modern-day witch-hunt in Ksar el Kébir, Morocco. At the heart of the scandal is a private party that took place at the end of last month. The organiser, according to the minister of interior, wanted to ‘act out a fantasy in which a woman asks him to dress like her and offer a present to saint Sayad Al Madloum'. It was the images below, shot at the party and posted on YouTube, that really stirred up the trouble. Thousands of Ksar el Kébir residents took to the streets to protest against the offence, clapping and chanting homophobic slogans. On 10 December, the party organiser was charged for ‘sexual perversion' and the ‘illegal sale of alcohol'. He was sentenced to ten months in jail. Read more...