Floods in Guadeloupe: “The weather alerts were all wrong!”

The people of Guadeloupe are used to heavy tropical rainfall, so why did the flash floods on January 4 take the island by surprise? Read more...


Guadeloupe: 'they’re not protestors; they’re rioters'

"Paul", a Frenchman living in Guadeloupe, filmed a group of hooded men putting up a roadblock. He's worried about the violent and racist climate, that, according to him, has come upon the island. See the video and read more...


Guadeloupe: economic crisis or racial conflict?

Twenty-nine days in and protests in Guadeloupe saw their first mortality last night in the French Caribbean island's largest town, Pointe-à-Pitre. Our Observers, two Guadeloupians who live in France, attempt to explain the reasons behind the crisis. Read more...

French news channel iTélé makes mighty booboo

One of our Observers in Madagascar, editor of the Malagasy info site, has alerted us to a blunder made by the French news channel iTélé. In the middle of a report on the protests in the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe come several minutes of footage showing ... the protests in Madagascar. See the video and read more...


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