Gilad Shalit

How far will Israelis go to free Gilad Shalit?

The march in support of Gilad Shalit. Photo posted by Anat Zelichover on Flickr.

A march in solidarity with Gilad Shalit, organized by the captive soldier’s family, arrived last night at its destination: the home of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Our Observers on the ground take the pulse of public opinion. Read more...

The tale of soldier Shalit

This video was released on YouTube by the Israeli Consulate in New York. The children are reading a story that was written by Gilad Shalit, a soldier who has been held by Hamas since his kidnap in 2006. Written when he was eleven, the story is a tale of a fish and a shark making friends. There's an obvious comparison to be drawn with the Israel-Palestine conflict, although each camp will no doubt interpret it differently. Read more and see the video...