Geert Wilders

Fitna is just a really bad film


A few months ago we announced that Dutch politician Geert Wilders was preparing an anti-Islamic film that would "add fuel to the fire". Yesterday, the long awaited video made its debut online. We ask our Observers what reaction it might provoke in their countries, from Holland to Pakistan. After all the fuss, maybe not that much. Read more...

A film to fuel the fire

An image of the Koran taken from the film. The text says: “Warning: this book contains shocking images”. Published 26 Jan. 08 by De Telegraaf

The extreme-right Dutch MP Geert Wilders has announced the imminent release of his new “anti-Koran” film. Although no one has seen the documentary yet, every one is already anticipating a second round of the Danish cartoons controversy. Read more…