Gaza Strip

Video: Israeli soldiers cheer as explosives flatten mosque in Gaza

A video has emerged online showing Israeli soldiers cheering as explosives destroy a mosque allegedly linked to an underground tunnel network in Khuzaa, in the Gaza strip - a reaction the Israel Defence Force says the soldiers are perfectly entitled to. Read more…

Photo shows Israelis watching Gaza air strikes 'like it was cinema'

Relaxed on deck chairs, popcorn in hand, a group of Israelis sit down for the evening to watch Israeli warplanes bomb Gaza. For our Observer who took the photo, the scene reveals a lack of empathy until then "never seen before". Read more...

Air raids on Gaza: "There are no warning sirens or shelters here"

The Israeli army launched airstrikes on the Gaza Strip on Monday. Named 'Operation Protective Edge', the Israeli Defence Forces say it is a counter-terrorism operation against Hamas and other militants. But unarmed civilians seem to be the ones suffering the consequences. Our Observer in Gaza told us about the panic sweeping across the region...

Gaza police, or fashion police?

After outlawing bicycles and hookahs, Gaza police are now looking to ban men from wearing low-cut jeans and having long hair. For local youths, many of whom already see Gaza as an open-air prison, these new restrictions are the last straw. Read more…

Gazan paramedic: “The hardest part is when I’m unable to save children”

Since the start of Israel's “Pillar of Defense” operation on November 14, the number of dead and injured keeps growing. Videos shared on social networks show that hospitals in the Gaza strip are stretched to the breaking point. Our Observer, a paramedic, tells us about working under the bombs. Read more...

Gaza offensive: Palestinians react on social networking sites

It’s a sign of the times: never before had the start of a military operation been announced on Twitter, until the Israeli Army decided to do just that when it attacked Gaza on Wednesday. Ever since, the Army’s communications department has been tweeting and uploading videos onto YouTube non-stop. Hamas activists also have been reacting on the Internet, but to a far lesser degree. Just as with the armed conflict, it seems the two sides are not fighting on a level playing field. Read more...

The bid for Palestinian statehood: our Observers in Gaza and the West Bank react

On Friday, the head of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, will officially present a bid for a Palestinian state to be granted full membership of the United Nations. With only days to go before the vote, we asked our Observers in the West Bank and Gaza to tell us about their hopes and worries. Read more…

Gaza-bound flotilla participants braced for ‘tear gas and snipers’

No one expected that the “Freedom Flotilla II: Stay Human” would have a seamless run to the Gaza strip. Sure enough, in the latest of a series of hurdles that flotilla organisers have had to overcome, Greek coastguards halted a Canadian boat bound for Gaza shortly after it attempted to leave the Mediterranean island of Crete. As many wonder if the mission to Gaza will ever launch, our Observers tell us about the preparation that went into a trip that may never be. Read more...

Israel deploys ‘Iron dome’ missile defence as rocket attacks escalate

Israel has deployed a new missile defence system dubbed ‘iron dome’ to intercept Hamas rockets, amid a month of attacks and counter attacks between the Israeli army and Palestinian fighters in the Gaza strip that both sides fear could rapidly deteriorate into all-out war.