gay rights

Iran's homosexuals come out of the closet...everywhere but at home

"We are everywhere" proclaimed Iranian homosexuals around the world in a collective online 'coming out' over the past few weeks. They are sending out a message of solidarity, particularly to the homosexuals living in Iran whose sexual preference could cost them their lives. Read more...

'Yes we kiss': Barcelona gays greet Pope with loving welcome

Members of Barcelona’s gay and lesbian community treated Pope Benedict XIV to a warm welcome during his official visit to Spain over the weekend: on Sunday, they held a surprise ‘kiss-in’ on his path as he headed towards la Sagrada Familia. See the photos and video…

Anti-gay bill "inspired by American pastors"

The Ugandan parliament is currently discussing legislation about how best to "fight homosexuality". The bill in question will see all homosexuals jailed, along with those who refuse to out them. According to one Ugandan pastor, the project was strongly influenced by religious extremists from the US. Read more...


Gay soldiers – why Obama can't do it alone

Obama reaffirmed his promise to repeal the US Army's ban on homosexual soldiers this month. But while gay activists across the country wait patiently for their right to serve in the army as openly homosexual, our Observer, a gay soldier who served in the sixties and seventies, explains why Obama needs the backing of Congress to fulfil his promise. Read more...


Gay and Lesbian kiss-in in central Paris

On Saturday, September 26 at 4pm sharp 11 French cities hosted the third edition of France's national « Kiss In », an informal gay rights movements where gay and lesbian couples assemble in a crowded public spot to kiss for all to see.