French under attack for Bongo victory

The day that Ali Ben Bongo was proclaimed the winner of Gabon's presidential poll, opposition supporters set fire to the French consulate in Libreville, underscoring the level of anti-French anger fuelled by Bongo's victory. Read more...


Ali Bongo declared winner, but will opposition admit defeat?

Ali Bongo has just been declared winner of Sunday's presidential election. But his 41.73% majority is unlikely to go unchallenged. Yesterday, our Observer Adriankoto Harinjaka Ratozamanana spoke to Bongo's biggest opponent, Pierre Mamboundou, who said that he would not recognise the victory of late president Omar Bongo's son, who he considers "fraudulent". Read more...


Will Gabon go up in flames tonight?

Gabon's presidential election results are to be announced tonight (September 2). One of our Observers in the country explains that the three-day gap between the vote and the results might have given rise to fraudulent activities. He also raises concerns over the unrest that could surge once the results are announced. Read more...


Gabon elections – evidence of fraud?

This photo was sent to us by one of our Observers in Libreville. He says that the document appears to be a fake voting card used in the election on Sunday. There are already rumours of electoral fraud, but as yet, none has been backed up with proof. Read more...


Gabon election: “For the authorities there is ‘good media’ and ‘bad media’”

One of our Gabonese Observers voices his concerns over the restrictions placed on journalists covering the presidential election. Read more...


A rapper’s message to Bongo’s successor

Four years ago Gabonese rapper Lestat “wrote a letter” to late president Omar Bongo asking him to take more care of the country's problems. Now he's got a new message, this time for Gabon's future president: “Be careful to pay more attention to talent than ethnicity.” Read more...