Mob attacks African students in Indian metro

Videos have emerged of three African students nearly being lynched in the New Delhi metro. Accused of sexual harassment, they were beat with chairs and sticks as a mob screamed at them. Read more...


From Africa to Asia, the scaly anteater is being hunted to extinction

The pangolin is the only truly scaled mammal in the world and is, fittingly, nicknamed the scaly anteater. In Gabon, where its meat is particularly popular, and, in Vietnam, where its scales are thought to have healing powers, our Observers have been raising the alarm about a sharp increase in the poaching of this animal on the brink of extinction. Read more..


How I unraveled an African statue hoax

If there was a ranking of the craziest Internet swindles, this one might just win first place. A week ago, I got a call from a stranger who tried to convince me to buy a collection of small statues in order to save a village in northern Gabon. I smelled a rat, but, intrigued, decided to play along...


Gabon student fury grows over university conditions

For more than a year, students at the University of Omar Bongo have been protesting against unpaid scholarships and a lack of student resources. Faced with a lack of response from the authorities, students have turned to violence and have started clashing with police. Read more...

Mountains of rubbish take over Gabon's capital

The streets of Libreville, the capital of Gabon, look more like a rubbish tip because the only company in charge of garbage collection is struggling to clear the waste. On top of leaving a nauseating smell across the city, this phenomenon has created a thriving breeding ground for disease. Read more...

Leaked images show student protesters locked up in tiny, dark cell

In Gabon’s capital Libreville, a group of striking university students has been kept locked up in a cell by the military police since Monday. A few of them were briefly released, which allowed them to disseminate photos and videos that they had taken with a mobile phone they had managed to hide. These images show the students cramped together in a dirty, windowless space the size of a closet. See the images and read our interview with one of the students, who says he was freed because of health problems…

Sarkozy nepotism row viewed from abroad: “a return to monarchy”

The prospect of Nicolas Sarkozy's 23 year-old undergraduate son being catapulted to the head of a major public agency has sparked widespread accusations of favouritism both at home and abroad. Our Observers in Gabon and China give their views on Sarkozy's latest imperial move. Read more...

Your Observers TV show is back!

After the summer break, the new Observers TV show is back for its fourth edition. Many thanks to all the Observers who participated: Serigne Diagne, Sandra Miller, Ahmed Al-Omran and Serge. Watch the show...

First images of torched French consulate

One of our Observers in Gabon sent us exclusive photos and video footage of the French consulate burning. It was torched yesterday in the city of Port-Gentil. Read more and watch the video