Could they accept "sexy burqa" ad in France?

French MP Jean-François Copé explained on Thursday that police officers will be asking women to remove their full veil on the street or else receive a fine under the proposed "burqa ban". So what would the French do with this German lingerie ad - which depicts the veil as something far from a religious restraint for women? Read more and see the clip...


Obese to pay double on Air France

Air giant Air France - KLM announced on Tuesday that obese passengers will have to buy a second seat if they are unable to fit into one with the seat belt done up.


Weather the world can’t handle

Heavy snowfall has paralysed parts of the UK for the second time this winter, while planes in China and South Korea remain grounded. Even Saudi Arabia is suffering from the cold. From the safety of our office in Paris (where, incidentally, it's just starting snowing), here's our round-up of snowy plains, and problems, from around the world. See the photos...


Eurostar passengers vent fury at "third world" rail service

Eurostar train services remain severely disrupted two days after adverse weather conditions caused several trains to break down in the tunnel between France and Britain, leaving thousands of incensed passengers trapped under the English Channel for up to 16 hours. Amateur footage of the passengers' ordeal reveals the beleaguered company's poor handling of the situation and the extent of public anger. Read more and watch the videos...

Alleged victim of police brutality told by uni dean it was "essential to publicise account"

The story of a French university student being sprayed in the face with tear gas and called a "dirty Arab" is all over the French press today, notably in left-wing newspaper Libération. When contacted by FRANCE 24, the student says it was his university dean who prompted him to tell the story. Read more...


Libyans discover France to blame for floods

Residents of the Libyan city of Benghazi have made an incredible discovery. They've located some of the city's manhole covers, missing for years, in the town of Najac, south of France. They might find it funny, if they weren't immersed underwater. Read more...


The Irish take on "Thievery" Henry

The Web is ablaze over France's controversial qualification for the World Cup, or to be precise, Thierry Henry's handball, which shattered Ireland's chances of taking part in the 2010 tournament. Read more and see the images...


Destroyed by police, the migrant "jungle" is up again by nightfall

French police bulldozed a migrant settlement in Dunkirk on Tuesday morning and arrested around 50 residents. Our Observer there explains that the very same day, the immigrants started rebuilding their "jungle". Read more...


A dangerous desire to have fairer skin

Baking yourself in a tanning booth remains a popular activity among the vain and pasty of Caucasian descent, despite increasing health warnings. But at the other end of the spectrum, skin tempering practices are just as risky, and ever growing in popularity. Read more...