Botzarileaks: How French public funds were funnelled to Ben Ali party

As new information emerges in the "Botzarileaks scandal", FRANCE 24 has discovered that the party of former Tunisian President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali benefited from thousands of euros in French public funds. Read more...

'Los indignados' protest march stumbles across a disenchanted Paris

Spain’s protest movement “los indignados” (the “indignant ones”) marched through Paris last week en route from Spain to the Belgian capital Brussels. Yet our Observer, who has travelled with the movement all the way from Madrid, said she was disappointed by the less-than-enthusiastic welcome los indignados received upon their arrival in the City of Light.

"Botzarileaks": Exclusive documents expose embezzlement by former Ben Ali party

Documents obtained by FRANCE 24 appear to confirm long-held suspicions that former Tunisian leader Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali's political party was rife with corruption and other malpractices. These documents clearly illustrate that the once omnipotent ruling party, the Constitutional Democratic Rally (RCD), regularly engaged in electoral fraud and embezzlement among other illegal activities. Read more...


A day in the life of an aeronautic enthusiast at the Le Bourget air show

Aeronautic enthusiasts gathered in the Paris suburb of Le Bourget over the weekend to check out the latest advances the industry has to offer at the 49th International Paris Air Show. The week-long professional event opened to the public on Friday to the great excitement of our Observer, who was among the eager throngs taking in the sights, the sounds and the thrills at Le Bourget.

Senegal fishermen test life- and energy-saving 'boat kites'

In Senegal, traditional fishermen struggle to meet fuel costs, and risk dying at sea if a dugout canoe motor breaks down. But a French maths teacher may have found a surprising solution: kites. Read more…

Tunisian revolution unleashes wave of illegal migrants

The recent wave of political unrest in the Middle East has had a direct impact on North African immigration into Europe. In the past week alone, over 5,000 Tunisians have left their homes to set foot on the Italian island of Lampedusa — a traditional Mediterranean gateway to Europe. Read more...

Not everyone thinks snow is a hassle

While furious commuters railed against the heavy snows that slowed road, rail and air traffic to a crawl in northern France on December 8, others indulged in simple winter joys: making a snowman, listening to the muffled crunch of their footsteps in the snow or watching trees ice up. Watch the videos of Web users inspired by snowy scenes...

"Why do people only care about the homeless when it gets cold?"

Heavy snow and sub-zero temperatures have mobilised French authorities to open several emergency shelters for people living on the street. But our Observer, a social worker, warns that after the winter campaign the homeless will be no better off. Read more…