Half a century after independence, Algerians who fought with the French are still stigmatised

This month, as Algeria celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Evian Accords, which brought an end to the Algerian War, the painful issue of the the Algerians who fought with the French army has resurfaced. Harkis, as they are known, are still considered by many in Algeria as traitors. Read more...

Protests against new high-speed train turn ugly

Protests against the construction of a new high speed train line linking the cities of Lyon, France and Turin, Italy are escalating, even as construction begins on the Italian side of the border. Our Observer tells us why he fiercely opposes the train line. Read more...

Three nights of riots in Reunion Island: Why "the Cauldron" is boiling over

For three nights in a row, Reunion Island, a French island in the Indian Ocean, has been wracked by violent riots over high costs of living. The neighbourhood of Chaudron – literally “the Cauldron” – in the French overseas department’s capital has been the epicentre of clashes between rioters and police. Our Observer explains why social unrest has flared time and time again in this neighbourhood. Read more…

How is Sarkozy viewed around the world?

Following French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s announcement that he will run for re-election, we asked our Observers around the world what they think of France’s foreign policy over the past five years. Here are their answers. Read more…

Six French citizens share their hopes and opinions on the 2012 presidential elections

As France’s presidential elections quickly approach, we asked our Observers in France to share what issues they would like to see take centre stage during the campaign. Read more…

Botzarileaks: How French public funds were funnelled to Ben Ali party

As new information emerges in the "Botzarileaks scandal", FRANCE 24 has discovered that the party of former Tunisian President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali benefited from thousands of euros in French public funds. Read more...

'Los indignados' protest march stumbles across a disenchanted Paris

Spain’s protest movement “los indignados” (the “indignant ones”) marched through Paris last week en route from Spain to the Belgian capital Brussels. Yet our Observer, who has travelled with the movement all the way from Madrid, said she was disappointed by the less-than-enthusiastic welcome los indignados received upon their arrival in the City of Light.

"Botzarileaks": Exclusive documents expose embezzlement by former Ben Ali party

Documents obtained by FRANCE 24 appear to confirm long-held suspicions that former Tunisian leader Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali's political party was rife with corruption and other malpractices. These documents clearly illustrate that the once omnipotent ruling party, the Constitutional Democratic Rally (RCD), regularly engaged in electoral fraud and embezzlement among other illegal activities. Read more...


A day in the life of an aeronautic enthusiast at the Le Bourget air show

Aeronautic enthusiasts gathered in the Paris suburb of Le Bourget over the weekend to check out the latest advances the industry has to offer at the 49th International Paris Air Show. The week-long professional event opened to the public on Friday to the great excitement of our Observer, who was among the eager throngs taking in the sights, the sounds and the thrills at Le Bourget.