Amateur video reveals chaos of fatal nightclub inferno

The sinister details of an inferno that took hold of a Russian nightclub on Friday night are emerging from the central city of Perm. Outdoor fireworks used indoors, only one exit, and no automatic fire extinguishing system led to the deaths of 118 people. One of the people who managed to escape filmed the panicked evacuation. Read more and see the clip.


Burning car rescue caught on camera

This is the raw footage of a woman and her two young children being rescued from a burning car by off-duty firefighters. See the video...


Naples collapses under heaps of rubbish

As the days crawl by, Neapolitans watch the rubbish pile up outside their doors. . Two thousand tonnes of refuse now fills the city's streets. Firemen have been on high alert since New Year's Day when residents started setting fire to the waste. Our Observers in the town describe the situation, and condemn the mafia's role in the situation. Read more...

Wildfires in California: Americans rush to the Internet

By Team Observers

Since October 21, Southern California has been ravaged by wildfires. In a country where 70% of the inhabitants are connected to the Internet, it is not surprising that amateur videos of the catastrophe are abundant on sites like YouTube and LiveLeak.