FARC stronghold shaken by Colombian farmers revolt

Since the very beginning of negotiations between FARC guerrilleros and the Colombian government mid-June, farmers from the north-eastern Catatumbo region have been protesting. Thousands of “campesinos”, as they are called, have demonstrated to denounce their low quality of life in this FARC-held region. Read more...

Colombia’s “internal refugees” struggle to make their voices heard

One of the largest groups of victims of Colombia’s longstanding fight between guerillas and the army is also one of its least visible. Poor rural families are often threatened and expropriated by FARC rebels, forcing them to leave their villages and become refugees in their own country. For the past two weeks, these displaced Colombians have been protesting in the capital, Bogotá. Read more.... 

'Ingrid of the Jungle': the wacky comic version of Betancourt's story

What if Ingrid Betancourt had travelled to the Colombian jungle after agreeing to a fake high-profile kidnapping? What if Nicolas Sarkozy had orchestrated her rescue to boost his popularity ratings and to settle an old score with former primer minister Dominique de Villepin? Read more...


FARC rebels release proof-of-life videos of 10 hostages

Colombian authorites recovered proof-of-life videos of 10 soliders and policemen held by FARC rebels after arresting a FARC operative. Read more and watch the videos.

Ingrid Betancourt's release, filmed by the Farc

A Colombian TV channel has broadcast a video of Ingrid Betancourt's rescue from the other side of the operation. When the helicopter takes off, the Farc cameraman, unaware of the trick that's just been played on him, is pleased to find that the fake humanitarian workers have left... a box of beer. See the video.


Ingrid's liberation seen from Bogota: "The whole room was cheering"

When the Colombian authorities announced that Ingrid Betancourt had been freed, one of our Observers was travelling through Bogota airport. He tells us about the wave of emotion that followed the news as it spread through the crowds. Read more..

Anti-Farc protest organised on Facebook unites at least two million Colombians

Two million people got together in Bogota on Monday to voice the same message: ‘say no to the Farc'. Our Observer, who attended the event, says that it will renew the ‘collective memory' of the country. Read more...

Statement from the father of one of the FARC hostages

Will they stay or will they go? While everyone eagerly awaits the liberation of Clara Rojas, her son Emmanuel and the former lawmaker Consuelo González Pérdomo, our Observers report on the atmosphere in Colombia. The father of hostage Ismael Márquez hopes that the release of some of the prisoners will speed up the process for his son, who’s been held captive since 1999. Meanwhile, Ingrid Betancourt's stepson reminds us that as the FARC’s most high-profile hostage, she will be the last to leave. Read more...

Finally, proof of life

By Team Observers

The Colombian government has just issued the first images of the French-Colombian hostage Ingrid Betancourt since 2003. For her distraught family, the images are proof that Betancourt, who was captured by FARC rebels in Feb. 2003, is still alive. The Colombian government said the video was taken from three FARC guerillas captured by the army. For more information go to France 24.