European Union

Ukraine's 'Europe vs Russia' debate gets heated online

Will they or won’t they? Ukrainian leaders have gone back and forth on whether or not they will sign a historic free trade deal with the European Union at a summit on Thursday. On one side, Russia is strongly pressuring them not to; on the other, thousands of Ukrainians have demonstrated in favour of the agreement. The protest is also raging online, where many depict this as a choice between two paths – one day (hopefully) joining the European Union, or staying in the shadow of their former master Russia. Read more...


Reports of a 245,772 euro temporary shower for Sarkozy spark public outrage

According to socialist lawmaker René Dosière, French President Nicolas Sarkozy had a 245,772 euro shower installed for his personal use for a one day summit in Paris’ Grand Palais. The figure, although not quite accurate, is just one of many reports that have emerged about the Sarkozy government’s extravagant spending. Read more...


Thinking through the Iranian nuclear crisis

Photo :"azrainman" on Flickr.

One of our Israeli Observers, Joel Schalit, sent us his analysis of the recent developments of the tough Iran-Israel negotiations. Read more...


Czech youths protest their leaders with eggs

For politicians in the Czech Republic, the European elections have turned the country into something of a sticky battleground. For two weeks the country's leaders were faced with increasing numbers of attacks by egg throwers. At first they tried to make a joke of it, but after the assaults became more violent, the politicians were relieved today to see the young activists put down their egg cartons. Read more...


EU festivities face Polish wrath

This video clip, released by the EU to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the iron curtain, has prompted a furious response from Poland. Read more...


EU referendum in Ireland: "We've got as much as we can, let's get out now"

If the Irish people vote "No" to the Lisbon Treaty today, the document will be binned. A traditionally pro-Europe nation, last week the polls showed a change in opinion, with "No" coming out as the likely winner. Irish voters from both sides tell us why the treaty is "scary". Read more...