ethnic minorities

Prejudice against Arab minority in Iran: A cry for help from death row

A few hours before their execution, four Iranian prisoners managed to release a video in which they condemned the marginalisation of the Ahwazis, an Arab minority from southwestern Iran. Read more...


Kyrgyz army “fails to defend ethnic Uzbeks from Kyrgyz looters”

Violent clashes between ethnic Kyrgyz and Uzbeks have left more than a hundred people killed and 1,500 injured in and around the city of Osh. An ethnic Kyrgyz and an ethnic Uzbek from the city give us their accounts of the situation. Read on...


Spiralling ethnic violence could spell disaster for Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan had slipped from the headlines after the April 7 uprising that ousted its president, Kurmanbek Bakiyev. But ethnic attacks which saw five people killed on Monday have brought the Central Asian country back under the spotlight. Our Observer in the capital Bishkek tells us why the recent unrest could spell disaster for the multi-ethnic nation. Read more...


Brazil’s other Olympic Games

Xikunahity (football played with the head). Image: Wagner Meier on Flickr

While Rio de Janeiro was still in raptures over its selection for the 2016 Olympic Games, 3,000 kilometres north of the city, in the Amazon basin, another sporting competition was taking place. This one, with barely a journalist in sight. Welcome to the Indigenous Peoples' Games. Read more...

The German Obama?

When an ethnic Turk was elected leader of the Green Party in Germany on Saturday, the international press immediately christened him "The German Obama". But a German with Turkish parents tells us, "I hadn't even thought about comparing them". Read more...


Will Latinos vote for Obama?

Traditionally great fans of Hillary Clinton, Latino-Americans will now have to make the difficult decision between anti-immigration candidate John McCain and black candidate Barack Obama. Despite a long-running rivalry with the black community, they will not be swayed towards John McCain, say our Observers. Read more...