Eyewitnesses saw Egypt balloon crash victims 'jump into the sky'

Nineteen people were killed when a hot air balloon carried 20 tourists exploded Tuesday morning in Luxor, Egypt. Eyewitnesses were able to take photos just minutes before and after the tragedy, and  told FRANCE 24 what they saw. Read more…

Witness recounts harrowing sexual assault by Tahrir Square mob

The video of a sexual assault in Tahrir Square on January 25 – the day Egyptians commemorated their revolution’s two-year anniversary – caused outrage the world over. That day, our Observer Mostafa Kandil tried to intervene to protect the victim, who was assaulted by a mob of dozens, if not hundreds, of men. Today, he shares his story.

Women brandish knives to protest sexual harassment in Cairo

Following a spate of attacks on women during recent anti-government protests, hundreds of people marched through downtown Cairo on Wednesday, including a few dozen women brandishing knives and batons. The march culminated in the symbolic Tahrir Square, the epicentre of the Egyptian revolution, where a shocking number of attacks were recorded in a single day two weeks ago. Read more…

Egyptians outraged over the 'torture' death of an opposition activist

On Wednesday night, dozens of people gathered in front of the home of Mohamed el-Gendi, an opposition activist who died under murky circumstances on Monday. They came to pay their respects and denounce the alleged use of torture by the authorities. According to his relatives, the police tortured the young activist to death. Read more...

Trees vanishing from post-revolution Cairo

The once-lush Cairo suburb of Heliopolis is noticeably less green than it was two years ago, before the Egyptian revolution. Our Observer tells us that both local authorities and residents have been cutting down trees haphazardly, and that due to a leadership void that has persisted since the revolution, there is nobody to turn to for help. Read more...

Morsi’s new powers: "necessary" or "dictatorial"?

Egypt’s Islamist president Mohammed Morsi has granted himself a slew of new powers, prompting protests throughout Egypt on Friday. Those protesting fear that their first elected president since the revolution that overthrew Hosni Mubarak is turning out to be just another dictator. Read more...

Anti-sexual harassment squads patrol the streets of Cairo

Sexual harassment has plagued Egypt for years, and it’s getting worse. Today, more than 80% of Egyptian women saying they’ve been victimized. Faced with the government’s inertia, a group of men has decided to take to the streets to stop perpetrators. Read more...

Egyptian hospitals on strike: “The Muslim Brotherhood wants to maintain a stranglehold on healthcare”

On Monday morning, more than 500 public hospitals in Egypt began an unlimited national strike. The staff is calling for, among other things, a tripling of the budget allocated to the public health sector. But in Egypt, where the Muslim Brotherhood has developed its own parallel healthcare system, the Islamist government does not seem to be willing to prioritise the public health sector’s development. Read more...