Egypt hit by spate of mob killings

Over the past few months, several Egyptian villages have borne witness to extremely cruel lynchings, in which bodies are often hung in public for all to see. Two Observers, still shaken, describe the executions they witnessed in these remote regions, where such extreme violence seems to be becoming increasingly commonplace. Read more...

Libyan militia accused of torturing Christian Copts

Egyptian Copts are up in arms following the suspicious death last Monday of a Coptic Christian in a Libyan prison. The man was part of a group of Egyptian Copt shopkeepers who have been living in Libya for the last few years and who were arrested by a Benghazi militia several days prior for allegedly “proselytizing”. Read more…

Police strike in Egypt: “we’re bearing the brunt of the govt’s mistakes”

Frustration over poor working conditions has boiled over in the ranks of the Egyptian police. For the past week, local police forces and anti-riot brigades across the country have gone on strike, including in the cities of Cairo, Giza, Port Said, Mansour, Ismailia and Alexandria. An Egyptian policeman in Giza told us why he went on strike. Read more...


Amateur videos capture locusts swarming Cairo

Political instability, economic hardship and now a locust infestation: the list of  Egyptian woes keeps on growing. The insects were expected to bypass Cairo on their journey up from sub-Saharan Africa towards Saudi Arabia. But a change in wind direction steered them off course, into the skies above the Egyptian capital. Read more…

Eyewitnesses saw Egypt balloon crash victims 'jump into the sky'

Nineteen people were killed when a hot air balloon carried 20 tourists exploded Tuesday morning in Luxor, Egypt. Eyewitnesses were able to take photos just minutes before and after the tragedy, and  told FRANCE 24 what they saw. Read more…

Witness recounts harrowing sexual assault by Tahrir Square mob

The video of a sexual assault in Tahrir Square on January 25 – the day Egyptians commemorated their revolution’s two-year anniversary – caused outrage the world over. That day, our Observer Mostafa Kandil tried to intervene to protect the victim, who was assaulted by a mob of dozens, if not hundreds, of men. Today, he shares his story.

Women brandish knives to protest sexual harassment in Cairo

Following a spate of attacks on women during recent anti-government protests, hundreds of people marched through downtown Cairo on Wednesday, including a few dozen women brandishing knives and batons. The march culminated in the symbolic Tahrir Square, the epicentre of the Egyptian revolution, where a shocking number of attacks were recorded in a single day two weeks ago. Read more…

Egyptians outraged over the 'torture' death of an opposition activist

On Wednesday night, dozens of people gathered in front of the home of Mohamed el-Gendi, an opposition activist who died under murky circumstances on Monday. They came to pay their respects and denounce the alleged use of torture by the authorities. According to his relatives, the police tortured the young activist to death. Read more...