Large posters of army chief General Sisi shock some Egyptians

Cairo residents on their way out of town this weekend were surprised to discover huge portraits of their army’s chief, General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, hung on one of Cairo’s main gates. Many snapped photos and posted them on social networks, generating a debate about what this new development meant. Read more...


Police and civilians join forces against Muslim Brotherhood

In the middle of the day on Sunday, deadly clashes broke out in Cairo between supporters and opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood. From his windowsill, our Observer filmed civilians abusing an alleged supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, as police officers looked on. This evidence of collusion between civilians and the authorities shocked our Observer. Read more...

Exclusive testimony: Syrian refugees shot trying to leave Egypt

The Egyptian coast guard allegedly opened fire on a ship full of Syrian refugees attempting to flee to Italy, killing two. The rest of the refugees, who were caught just off the Egyptian coast, are now languishing in a detention centre in Alexandria. FRANCE 24 spoke to several of these refugees from the ill-fated boast.

Disillusioned Egyptians defy curfew by banging pots and pans

At 9pm in Cairo, when the curfew begins, the streets grow eerily quiet – except, here and there, for the sound of clanging pots and pans. This is the result of a campaign launched by Egyptians who support neither the Muslim Brotherhood nor the army-backed government. Read more…

Inside a brutal attack on a Coptic church

During the fighting between the Egyptian army and supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsi these last weeks, several Coptic churches were attacked. FRANCE 24 has obtained footage taken during one of these extremely violent attacks. Read more…

In photos: Spongebob mania sweeps Egypt

His goofy grin is everywhere. From storefronts to perfume bottles, T-shirts to hijabs: in Egypt, there is just no escaping Spongebob Square Pants. Read more...

Striking images show extreme violence in Egypt

The crackdown by security forces on pro-Morsi sit-ins led to a bloodbath in Egypt this Wednesday. The authorities say 638 people were killed while the Muslim Brotherhood claim 4500 lost their lives. Amateur footage shows how sit-ins came to resemble war-like scenes in Cairo and across the country. Read more...

Egypt's military claims Morsi protesters were armed

The death toll continues to rise in Egypt, a day after the presidency declared a month-long state of emergency in most of the country. Egypt’s new leaders justify this exceptional measure on the grounds that armed Muslim Brotherhood supporters reportedly fired at the security forces. Videos doing the rounds of the internet are supposed proof of such allegations. Read more...

Egypt’s first “eco-village” project in limbo due to political crisis

For several months now, a unique experiment has taken place in the impoverished El-Mokattam neighbourhood in Cairo: non-governmental organisations envisioned turning it into the country’s first ecological village notably with street lighting powered entirely by solar energy. The initiative could change the lives of the residents as long as the political crisis in Egypt doesn’t put everything on hold. Read more...


Syrian refugees caught in the crossfire in Egypt

Egyptians were not the only people to suffer from the crisis that has divided Egypt since the overthrow of president Mohamed Morsi. Syrians who moved to Egypt in order to flee the war in their homeland now find themselves being persecuted because of their support for the Muslim Brotherhood. Read more...