Greek demonstrators say “Plutocracy should pay for the crisis”

Thousands of Greeks have taken to the streets to show their rejection of the government's proposed austerity measures, which are supposed to right the country's flailing economy. Our Observer in Thessaloniki was in the middle of the protest there, along with his camera. Read more and see his photos...


White supremacy rears its ugly head over “racist Vodafone”

South Africa's black economic empowerment policy has been operating, if a little feebly, since the end of apartheid in 1994. Just last week however, a group of disgruntled Afrikaners launched a campaign to boycott the country's biggest cellular network, and its owners, Vodafone and Telkom, for selling just 3.44% of its shares to non-white buyers only. Read more...

Reports of a 245,772 euro temporary shower for Sarkozy spark public outrage

According to socialist lawmaker René Dosière, French President Nicolas Sarkozy had a 245,772 euro shower installed for his personal use for a one day summit in Paris’ Grand Palais. The figure, although not quite accurate, is just one of many reports that have emerged about the Sarkozy government’s extravagant spending. Read more...


Elektra 1, the homemade electric car

Faraz Khan has something to be proud of. He drives around his home city of Karachi in one of Pakistan's few electric cars. And he built it with his own hands. Read more...


Business going bust? Lend out your labour

Some employees who have had their hours slashed in an attempt to avoid layoffs have received a tempting new offer from their companies: the option of working for another firm while waiting for business to get better. Read more

'Pro-Obama CNN' attacked at Tea Party

A CNN reporter who struggled to keep her cool during one of the anti-Obama demonstrations on Wednesday was subsequently attacked by both the immediate crowds and then the entire online Tea Party community. Read more and see the clip...


'Let’s show the world how strong China is!'

The Chinese aren't really instigating a mass naked protest. So who's behind this ironic ad? Read more...


'I’m in one hell of a mess'

Michel Tudeng has been out of work since Dec. 19, 2008. He is one of some 80 temporary workers from the Arcelor-Mittal site in eastern France whose contracts have not been renewed. Read his story...


'Made in China': "the worth of our work is so low, and the price of our materials so immaterial"

One of our Nepali Observers gives her perspective on Asia's dependence on its exports market and the effects this has on the economic crisis. Read more...


Electricity bills are a laughing matter in the Czech Republic

Everyone moans about mounting electricity bills. But with Czech consumers, complaints come in the funniest forms. Read more...