'Los indignados' protest march stumbles across a disenchanted Paris

Spain’s protest movement “los indignados” (the “indignant ones”) marched through Paris last week en route from Spain to the Belgian capital Brussels. Yet our Observer, who has travelled with the movement all the way from Madrid, said she was disappointed by the less-than-enthusiastic welcome los indignados received upon their arrival in the City of Light.

Will the uprising succeed? Six months in, Syrians take stock

The wave of popular revolt sweeping across Syria is entering its seventh month. The United Nations estimates that government repression of the movement has already left more than 2,600 dead. We asked our Observers in different Syrian cities if they still believe, despite the repression, that the uprising can still prevail. Read more ...

“People are going to revolt even more” after teenager killed in Bahrain protest

A fourteen-year-old boy died on Wednesday after being wounded in an anti-government demonstration on the island of Sitra, in Bahrain. Protest organizers say he was killed by a tear gas canister reportedly shot directly at him by police. According to our Observers, this incident could spark a new wave of protests in the country. Read more...

A citizen journalist in Tripoli: 'I’ve waited my entire life for this moment'

As soon as Tripoli fell into the hands of anti-Gaddafi fighters, one of our Observers took out his camera to film his neighbours’ first reactions. After 42 years of living under a dictatorship, emotions were running high. Our Observer explains why he chose to document the situation in Libya rather than join the opposition’s ranks. Read more and watch videos…


With UN out of sight, Syrian forces open fire

Anti-regime protestors in Syria cheered as a UN delegation visited Homs Monday morning. But as soon as the UN vehicles were out of sight, security forces opened fire on the crowd, killing at least three people. Amateur videos tell the story of this particularly brutal incident. Read more and watch the videos...

Rampant corruption stirs anger in India

The arrest of an anti-corruption activist has sparked angry protests throughout India, seemingly hitting a nerve with Indians tired of having to pay bribes. Our Observers tell us how corruption affects their everyday lives.

Anonymous take free speech protest offline and into the streets

Anonymous, a group of activists and hackers (or “hacktivists” ), is best known for its attacks on major websites around the world. On Monday, it took its crusade against censorship to the streets of San Francisco. One member of Anonymous tells us how – and why – they did it.

Iran arrests youths for playing with water

Colourful plastic guns, soaked clothes and soap-laden headscarves… The giant festive water fights organised by Iranian youths are not to the taste of the country’s authorities. One young participant tells of his arrest and questioning by Iran’s morality police. Read his account…

“The vigilante groups patrolling London’s streets aren’t all right-wing racists”

With a growing number of British cities having been affected by violent riots, several groups of citizens have mobilised to protect their neighbourhoods. These vigilante groups are often depicted as right-wing racists, but after following one of their patrols, our Observer in London says this is a generalisation that doesn’t always hold true. Read more...

Syria’s media war: are the protesters peaceful or violent?

Over the past few days, Syria’s state television, as well as YouTube channels linked to the government, have been showing videos of people they say are protesters taking up arms. This, if true, would be at odds with the opposition’s proclaimed efforts to keep protests peaceful. Two Syrian anti-government activists tell us what they think of these videos. Watch videos and read more…