Protests over missing Mexican students erupt into violence

There's still no word of what happened to the 43 students who disappeared in southern Mexico at the end of September. Fellow students from the Ayotzinapa teacher training college have organised mass protests to pressure authorities to step-up efforts to locate their missing classmates. As time passes, our Observer says protesters are becoming more and more radicalised. Read more...

Hawaiians battle telescope threatening ‘sacred volcano’

Astronomers had planned to celebrate the groundbreaking on the biggest telescope in the world in Hawaii last week. But activists opposed to its construction had other ideas. Read more...

Hong Kong becomes a canvas for protest art

The Hong Kong protests may have quietened down over the past few days, but protesters have left behind an array of street art. From homemade pro-democracy banners, to the widespread use of umbrellas as symbols of solidarity, protest art is everywhere.

Demolition sparks protests in Abuja: ‘The residents have nowhere to go’

Protests erupted in the suburbs of Abuja on Thursday following the government demolition of homes in a temporary housing settlement inhabited by indigenous people of the region. Read more...

Young Tunisian doctors protest bill mandating work at regional hospitals

For the past week, thousands of young Tunisian doctors have been protesting against a bill that would mandate a three-year term in regional hospitals once they have completed their specialisation. While the government argues the move is necessary, doctors say the legislation is misguided. Read more...

Police and civilians join forces against Muslim Brotherhood

In the middle of the day on Sunday, deadly clashes broke out in Cairo between supporters and opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood. From his windowsill, our Observer filmed civilians abusing an alleged supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, as police officers looked on. This evidence of collusion between civilians and the authorities shocked our Observer. Read more...

Sudan riots : “The president dares say he’s brought us prosperity !”

Massive protests have shaken Sudan for three days now. According to one of our Observers in Khartoum, they were sparked by the announcement that fuel prices were going up, provoking a wave of riots that have been violently repressed by the authorities. Read more...