death penalty

Video shows crowd siding with criminal in Iran public execution

A video has emerged of a man making a last-ditch effort to flee his public execution in Iran, raising questions over the government's regular use of this punishment. Read more...

Death penalty for blasphemy divides Pakistan

More than 40,000 people rallied in Pakistan’s southern city of Karachi on Sunday against the proposed reform of a blasphemy law that has deeply divided Pakistani society. Read more...

Lula da Silva 'endangered' alleged adulteress with asylum gesture

An Iranian woman who may be stoned to death for adultery charges has attracted worldwide attention, including that of Brazilian President Luiz Lula da Silva. Will it help her? Quite the opposite, one of our Tehran Observers explains. Read more...


Public hanging rescue turns to carnage in southern Iran

A scuffle that broke out during the attempted public hanging of two robbers in southwest Iran led to two being shot dead, dozens injured, and the escape, albeit short-lived, of the convicts. Please be aware that there are graphic images included in this post. Read more and see the videos...


Prison in Iran through the eyes of a young painter on death row

These are the works of a young Iranian woman, convicted of murder at the age of 17, who spent her days on death row painting. Christened "The prisoner of colours", Delara Darabi, who protested her innocence after she was sentenced, was hanged in Rasht prison last Friday. This is her story in images...


China’s execution bus

As Amnesty International publishes a report on the global state of capital punishment, the media reminds us of China's unusual "mobile" method. Convicts are given a lethal injection — on a bus. Read more...