Cristina Kirchner

As Argentina currency devalues, 'We don't know what prices to charge!'

“Closed due to the peso devaluation”. In the past few days, many Argentinean stores have been putting up signs with this message. Following a 14% drop in the national currency’s value, Argentina’s retail sector is once again in crisis mode. Our Observer works at a motorcycle dealership, and her daily work in the store has become rather challenging. Read more…

Cristina Kirchner versus the pots and pans

Bang your pan at Evita!

"I banged my pan at Evita [reference to Eva Peron - allusion to Cristina Kirchner] ...and it felt good!"

Argentinean farmers are objecting to president Cristina Kirchner over tax increases on agricultural exports and her apparent intention to create a rift between the poor and the farmers. After three weeks of severe strikes, which have left the country paralysed, the workers have agreed to start negotiations. Read more...