Malien March in Washington, DC


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Demonstrators yelling "peace in Mali!"

The Malian community in the metropolitan region of Washington, DC, joined with others all the way from New York and Philadelphia, demonstrated on Sunday April 15, 2012. The demonstrations began at the Embassy of Mali, passing by the White House and ending at the Peace Circle. More then 600 Malians where in attendance. They shouted in unity "Peace for Mali!" down the streets of Washington and in front of the White House.


Armed looters go on rampage in Abidjan

In Abidjan, the Ivory Coast’s economic capital, terrified residents have been in lockdown since presidential contender Alassane Ouattara’s forces descended on the city on Thursday, March 31.  Our Observer in the western district of Yopougon witnessed scenes of looting that he described as “apocalyptic”. Read more…


Gbagbo's 'Young Patriots' take the law into their own hands

For the past three days in the Yopougon neighbourhood of Abidjan, the flow of traffic has been controlled by "committees" created by supporters of Ivory Coast’s incumbent leader, Laurent Gbagbo. The country has been at a political standstill since a November 28president ial run-off elected rival Alassane Ouattara, who remains the country's internationally recognised leader. The political dispute between Gbagbo and Ouattara has provoked fighting between supporters of both camps and forced more than 200,000 people to flee from their homes. As the impasse widens, FRANCE24 Observers report that pro-Gbagbo watch committees have set up roadblocks to halt UN conveys and track down Ouattara supporters. Read more...

“We walked two days in the jungle to cross the border”: An Ivorian refugee’s account

Nearly 6,200 Ivorians have fled the Ivory Coast to the neighbouring countries of Liberia and Guinea following the disputed November 28 presidential election. Our Observer left his hometown of Yéalé, in the West of the country, and found refuge in a UN-run camp in southern Guinea. Read his account...

Web wrangle: Persian or Arabian Gulf?

Should one call the strip of water separating Iran from the Arabian peninsula the "Persian Gulf" or the "Arabian Gulf"? 307,000 people have already voted in favour of the former on an Internet site. But this hasn't stopped a politically sensitive and highly contentious war of words. Read more...

In Gaza, you get your change in chocolate

Stifled by the Israeli embargo since June 2007, Gazans are so in need of essentials that they're even lacking petty cash. The half-shekel, which is worth about 10 euro cents, has almost completely disappeared. Read more...


What does the dole queue think of golden parachutes?

Are golden parachutes justified? Should they be banned? Or at least restricted by a law? Should the state get a say in the debate? Contrary to what you might think, our jobless Observers aren’t necessarily so quick to condemn bosses. Read more…


'Let’s show the world how strong China is!'

The Chinese aren't really instigating a mass naked protest. So who's behind this ironic ad? Read more...