Cut off from the world, Chinese village refuses to back down in land dispute

Outrage over the death of Xue Jinbo, a villager from the small fishing town of Wukan in China’s southeastern Guangdong province, has turned a longstanding land dispute with authorities into an unheard-of, nearly week-long standoff between locals and police. According to our Observer in Wukan, residents are frightened but unwilling to give in to the local government’s demands. Read more…

AIDS in China: non-profits say there’s 'a long road ahead' in battling stigma

The HIV virus is spreading more quickly in China than in any other country, notably among the young and those over 60 years old. Despite the availability of free treatment, nonprofit organisations say there is much work left to be done in China. Their work is complicated by the fact that nonprofits are still officially illegal there. Read more...

China donates bus fleet to Macedonia, sparking anger at home

The commute to and from school can be a harrowing experience in many parts of China. As rush hour begins, children are piled into makeshift buses with complete disregard for safety regulations. Road fatalities are not uncommon. So it comes as no surprise that Beijing’s decision to donate a number of brand new buses to the small eastern European country of Macedonia raised hackles in China. Read more...

Video of passers-by ignoring hit-and-run victim sparks online furor in China

A CCTV footage showing passers-by ignoring the plight of a 2-year-old hit-and-run victim on the busy street of a southern Chinese city has sparked an uproar across the country. Read more…

Modern-day Maoists worry Chinese authorities

A group of Maoists commemorating the 35th anniversary of Mao Zedong’s death in the northern Chinese city of Taiyuan was violently broken up by police. Chinese authorities have no patience for these Mao-lovers, who seem to have forgotten the former communist leader’s authoritarian streak and retained only the idyllic vision of a fairer society. One Chinese Maoist gives us his account. Read more…

Let them take aspirin: a pharmaceutical company builds its own Versailles

Crystal chandeliers, gilded wall moldings, grand pianos and reproductions of the great masters… Welcome to the plush headquarters of China's state-owned Harbin Pharmaceutical Group. Read more...

77-year-old woman strips to protest the demolition of her home

Desperate for justice, a 77-year old woman knelt naked in front of a Shanghai courthouse on August 18 to protest the demolition of her home. The scene was filmed and has since gone viral online. She tells FRANCE 24 why she took such drastic measures. Read more….

Train wreck in China: Web users determined to hold authorities to account

Chinese web users and journalists have defied censors to unleash unusually high levels of criticism towards the government in the wake of a horrific train crash on Saturday, July 23. Many fear that in the country’s rush to modernize, human safety is being sacrificed. Read more…

"I will never participate to the CCP’s festivity"


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Certainly I will never participate to the CCP’s festivity.I am not that fool. It’s nothing for me.