Being retweeted more than 500 times can land you in jail in China

Authorities in China have stepped up their efforts to control the Internet. Now, anyone who writes an online message that is deemed defamatory and that is reposted 500 times - or read 5,000 times - risks up to three years in prison. Read more...

Meet Zuola, China’s pioneering citizen journalist

Zuola, 31, has been one of the most influential Chinese bloggers since 2007. In an interview with the FRANCE 24 Observers, he discusses the “citizen reports” for which he is famous and his tricks for getting around government censorship. Read more...

Activist offers sex to alleged rapist to “spare children”

It was a story that sent a shudder throughout China. In May, Chinese media reported that a school’s headmaster had been accused of taking six schoolgirls to a hotel and raping them. In reaction, a feminist activist staged a protest in which she held a sign reading, “Headmaster, get a hotel room with me, and spare the schoolchildren!” Since then, this woman has run into quite a bit of trouble. Read more...

What is this naked man chasing after?

Run, Li Binyuan, run! Sometimes Li runs while carrying a giant crucifix, sometimes a blow-up doll — but always in his birthday suit. Read more...


Making employees crawl in public, a strange management technique in China

A cosmetics firm in the central Chinese city of Chongqing has found a unique approach to teaching its employees stress management: forcing them to crawl on all fours around a public monument. Read more…

Stop Photoshopping officials into porn, authorities ask blackmailers

What to do when government officials and company bosses are repeatedly blackmailed by people who have Photoshopped their faces into pornographic pictures? Apparently, put up big billboards to tell them that this isn’t cool. Read more...