Did China's state news agency forge a photo?

A Chinese blogger has exposed the official news agency Xinhua for what appears to be a forged image. He noticed that two of the people present in the photo look remarkably similar. Read more...


Did John Woo steal shots from Jack Snyder’s "300"?

Hong Kong director John Woo has created the most expensive film in the history of Chinese cinematography. So why couldn't "Red Cliff" afford its own poster? Chinese web users say that the central image used in the picture is actually a shot stolen from the 1997 film "300". Read more...


China's 50-cent-a-piece propagandists

For the Chinese authorities, anything goes when it comes to controlling Web 2.0 - and that includes bribing the public into posting propaganda for 50 cents, says Hong Kong blogger Oiwan Lam. Read more...

The campaign that went too far?

A campaign about the Beijing Olympics produced for Amnesty International France was considered so aggressive by its creators that they decided to call off its release. Too late to stop it from getting to Chinese webusers though... Read more.


Beijing Olympics: spies embedded in tickets

The Chinese Olympics committee has confirmed that if you buy a ticket for the opening or closing ceremony of the games, your pass will be fitted with a barcode-like microchip that contains your personal details. A little too Orwellian for comfort? Read more...


He didn’t bother with Athens, but Bush will go to the games in Beijing

During a visit to Japan on Sunday, George Bush announced that he plans to attend the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing, deeming a boycott of the event "an affront to the Chinese people". One of our Observers for the US reminds us that in contrast, Bush didn't bother going to the 2004 Athens Olympics. Read more...


The tiger might have been fake but the lies were real

This photo, supposed to prove that the rare South China Tiger's still exists, was published by Chinese authorities last October. While web users immediately recognised that the image was a cut and paste affair, it took officials eight months to admit to their mistake. Read more...


A month till set-off and this is the watersports area…

One of Our Observers for China alerted us to these photos of Qingdao, the town that will host the Olympic sailing events in August. To say the least, it doesn't look promising. Read more...


China loses its grip on information, riots break out

The Chinese authorities momentarily lost control over public information this weekend when their desperate endeavours to cover up the rape and murder of a 15-year-old girl lead to violent riots in the south-western Guinzhou province. Web users destroyed officials' attempts to downplay the enormity of events by continuously posting images and accounts of the protests. Read more...


Richard Gere infuriates Chinese with pro-Tibet Fiat ad

Despite complaints from the Chinese authorities, Italian car manufacturer Fiat has refused to pull an advert which shows Buddhist actor Richard Gere gleefully playing with traditional Tibetan children. Read more and see the ad.