China's "White Warriors" make their way to Europe

Thirty years ago bright white Warrior trainers were worn by only those privileged and cool enough to own a pair of them. Now, they find themselves on the feet of cleaners, construction workers and peasants. So why is student Shumeng Ye trying to get the seventies classics back from "China's working class heroes"? Read more and see the pictures...


"I find gay marriage bizarre"

On 16 June California became the second American state to give the green light to gay marriage. We asked our Observers, from China to Ghana, if there's a chance of seeing the same thing happen in their own countries. Read more...

Tiananmen commemorations, a perfect example of disinformation

Last Thursday, we published a post about the 48,000 mourners who gathered in Hong Kong to commemorate the Tiananmen Square massacre. A blogger noticed that for the first time ever, China's state press followed the annual event. However, their coverage of the demonstrations was missing an important piece of information... Read more.


What do the Chinese know about Tiananmen Square?

"Tiananmen Square" search on Google: on the left in the US, the tanks.On the right, a tour in China.

Chinese expats commemorated the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre yesterday. But while the event remains unforgettable to the rest of the world, one of our Observers for China reminds us that the country itself is almost entirely unaware of it ever taking place, as the authorities have extinguished close to all information about it from the internet. Read more…


Web user captures expulsion on film

We've already published several posts about the authorities expelling people from their homes around China in the name of "housing redevelopment". Here, a new amateur video found by one of our Observers in China. See the video.


Aid relief tents selling for €120 as refugees go unsheltered

Tents that were supposed to be given out to victims left homeless after the devastating earthquake of May 12 have been discovered in unaffected, wealthy areas of the epicentre city of Chengdu - and, according to web users, they are selling for 1,300RMB (€120). With refugees left unsheltered, protests have broken out over the apparent corruption. Read more...




These photos were taken in Qing Chuan, a city in the province of Sichuan which was very affected by the earthquake. A few minutes after the quake of May 12, residents of a building organize themselves to evacuate the children. See the photos.

The day before the earthquake

Chinese web users have been moved by these images. They were taken by a school teacher called Tang in Beichuan in a town near to the epicentre, one day before the earthquake. The day after, the school collapsed, and two-thirds of the town's residents were killed. Read more...

Amateur video of the earthquake, 20 seconds after the tremor

This video was filmed in the seconds that followed the earthquake in Beichuan, a town near the epicentre. The footage was shot in a theatre where a group of children were putting on a performance. It's 2pm (China time) on the twelfth of May. The ground is still shaking and the walls are collapsing around those still alive. See the video.


After counterfeit Levi's, counterfeit fighter jets

It started some 30 years ago with fake Levi's jeans and Versace bags. Then the market became more sophisticated, with faux iPhones on the racks. Now, the Chinese counterfeit goods trade has gone even further, with the production of identical copies of Russian-designed fighter planes. Read more.