Tainted milk scandal – web users investigate

The Chinese blogosphere is panicking over the tainted milk scandal that has already killed three babies and hospitalised more than 6,000 others. Web users are sceptical about the official government line - that it's the fault of the milk farmers, and not the manufacturing companies. Read more...

Protesting, the 'harmonious' way

The people of Naples are not the only ones living under a pile of garbage. But, in Beijing, they have a novel way of expressing their discontent over a similar problem.

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A nightclub owned by the police?

To wish luck to a new business in China, messages are offered inscribed on red banners. But when the business in question is a nightclub and the well-wishers are the local police, neighbours start asking questions. Read more...


Fifteen minutes of fame for the "iPhone Girl"

Surprised to find photos of a young Chinese factory worker on his new iPhone, a British Apple customer decided to post the pictures online. The girl in the pics has managed to catch the attention of everybody, including her boss... Read more.


The return of matchmaking parents

Gathering of matchmakers in a park in Shanghai. Photo by "Jenming".

Go to a park on a Sunday in China, and you'll find thousands of parents mingling on the grass. Not for a picnic - these desperate mums and dads are exchanging photos and CVs of their sons and daughters, in hope of finding them a spouse. Read more...


Olympics are no treat for Beijing’s illegal workers

For most inhabitants of Beijing, the long-awaited Olympics are a unique opportunity for rejoicing and pride. Yet for the city's numerous illegal workers, the Games are tantamount to a threat of expulsion. Read more...

Olympics: "Cheer Beijing Workers" drafted in to fill empty seats

US photoblogger Kevin German took pictures of a gymnasium in Beijing just before the start of a weightlifting contest. He noticed that most seats were empty... until the arrival of professional supporters. Read more...


"Liu Xiang: voted best actor of the year"

He was supposed to be a national hero, the biggest star of the Olympics. Liu Xiang, gold-winning hurdler in Athens, dreamed of a second Olympic triumph in his own country. But the dream was shattered as the Chinese sprinter failed to take part in the race against his great rival, Cuba's Dayron Robles. Read more.

Hiccups at the opening ceremony

A bluescreen appears on the roof of the stadium.

Everyone agreed that the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games last Friday was a great success. Web users, however, couldn't resist amusing themselves by pointing out minor faults... and white lies on the organisers' part. Read more...

Beijing Olympics: "a very exclusive party"

After fighting off lengthy and widespread opposition in the run up to the event, the Beijing Olympics took to the starting line on Wednesday night. An Observers in Tianjin, where one such event is being held, described the atmosphere in the city. Read more...