Swindled investors threaten mass suicide in China

A citizen photographed a dramatic sight in Shuozhou city on Sunday morning: a dozen people stood on the roof of a six-story government building, threatening to jump to their deaths if they did not obtain justice. Read more...


Street style in China: Students snap photos of stylish peers

Street fashion photography isn’t just for the sidewalks of Paris, New York, Milan or Tokyo. That may be where the biggest street style bloggers, like The Sartorialist, got their start. But the trend is now catching on outside of traditional fashion capitals – for example in Wuhan, China. Read more...


China's cricket fight clubs: a lucrative business

The onset of autumn is highly anticipated by China's cricket fighting amateurs. Over one thousand years old, these traditional insect games are still popular today – and a whole industry has developed around these miniature duels. Read more…


Confessions of a Chinese web informer

According to official estimates, 2 million people in China are employed as “web opinion analysts”. This small army of internet sleuths is tasked with sifting through web users’ posts for any sign of unrest, and reporting back to government officials. FRANCE 24 spoke to a former analyst, who recently quit, disenchanted with his work. Read more...

Church demolished in China despite worshippers’ protest

Photos have emerged on Chinese social networks showing the controversial demolition of a large church in eastern China. This followed weeks of protests by parishioners, who saw the move as indicative of a larger crackdown on churches. Read more...