Confessions of a Chinese web informer

According to official estimates, 2 million people in China are employed as “web opinion analysts”. This small army of internet sleuths is tasked with sifting through web users’ posts for any sign of unrest, and reporting back to government officials. FRANCE 24 spoke to a former analyst, who recently quit, disenchanted with his work. Read more...

Church demolished in China despite worshippers’ protest

Photos have emerged on Chinese social networks showing the controversial demolition of a large church in eastern China. This followed weeks of protests by parishioners, who saw the move as indicative of a larger crackdown on churches. Read more...


Police in China nearly beaten to death in citizen backlash

Several Chinese law enforcement officials were nearly beaten to death in the city of Cangnan after a brutal backlash by local residents. Riots broke out when five officers – known as ‘Chengguan’ – violently assaulted a man who refused to stop taking photos of them. Read more...

Chinese staff of Nike, Adidas subcontractor slam conditions

In Dongguan, in southern China, the workers of the world’s largest producer of athletic shoes are seething. They accuse their employer, the Yue Yuen corporation, of making them sign contracts that fail to provide any kind of social protection. Read more...

Chinese authorities crack down on petrochemical plant protesters

The Chinese authorities have clamped down on all information related to a protest movement against a petrochemical plant in Maoming, southern China. On Sunday, a march had led to clashes with the police. Read more...

Why China's elite 'are butchering tigers'

Watching caged tigers be killed and butchered is becoming a spectator sport for wealthy businessmen and government officials in southern China, where tigers symbolise power. Read more...