Grozny terrorist attack revives spectre of war

Chechnya’s capital was the site of violent clashes overnight Wednesday between security forces and members of an armed group that calls itself the “Caucasus Emirate”. The confrontation led to at least 19 deaths and the destruction of several buildings. War scenes reminiscent of the bloodiest hours of the two conflicts that ravaged the region aroused anger and fear in our Observers there. Read more...

Chechens rally through Moscow centre

A group of Chechen and Ingush youths tore through the streets of Moscow on Saturday in a show of patriotism for their respective motherlands.But the bling bling affair, complete with, flashy cars, gunshots and speeding, came to a sorry end when the parade obstructed a police car a few hours into their stint. Nineteen were charged with disorderly conduct. Read more and see the video...