Anti-Farc protest organised on Facebook unites at least two million Colombians

Two million people got together in Bogota on Monday to voice the same message: ‘say no to the Farc'. Our Observer, who attended the event, says that it will renew the ‘collective memory' of the country. Read more...

Statement from the father of one of the FARC hostages

Will they stay or will they go? While everyone eagerly awaits the liberation of Clara Rojas, her son Emmanuel and the former lawmaker Consuelo González Pérdomo, our Observers report on the atmosphere in Colombia. The father of hostage Ismael Márquez hopes that the release of some of the prisoners will speed up the process for his son, who’s been held captive since 1999. Meanwhile, Ingrid Betancourt's stepson reminds us that as the FARC’s most high-profile hostage, she will be the last to leave. Read more...

Online reactions to the 'No' vote in Venezuela

Material compiled by Cristiano de Sa Fagundes, our regional editor for Latin America.

Hugo Chavez counted on the people to support his constitutional reform. But the people didn't follow. This is the first time the Venezuelan president has been defeated since he was elected. The event was thoroughly celebrated by his opponents and closely watched by bloggers throughout Latin America.

Post your questions to contributing bloggers: Emiliano Crespo (Mexico), Nelson Franco Jobim (Brazil), Freddy Armas (Venezuela).

A civil servant of the electoral centre filmed Hugo Chavez all smiles as voting came to a close.

Video posted on 2 december

Colombian Senator Piedad Cordoba, ally of Hugo Chavez

Material compiled by our regional editor for South America, Cristiano de Sa Fagundes

To negotiate the fate of the FARC hostages - including French-Colombian citizen Ingrid Betancourt -Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez relied on the contacts of Colombian Senator Piedad Cordoba. The Chavez-Cordoba relationship and their intervention in the hostage case sparked heated online discussions in the two countries. And Colombian President Alvaro Uribe's decision to put an end to the negotiations has only fuelled the debate.