'There’s probably no God'

The campaign urging passersby to "stop worrying" and "enjoy (their) life" instead will appear on ten Montreal buses until March 10 and head to Toronto as well. Read more...


Police cinema: “"Hollywood meets homicide"

This video was posted online by the Toronto Police Service in the search for witnesses to a murder. The footage has certainly received a lot of hits; a voyeurism which has shocked Canada. Warning, the images might be upsetting.


Canadian PM accused of stealing a speech on Iraq

Canadian web users are in hysterics about prime minister Stephen Harper's latest slip-up, just two weeks before the national party elections. The news is out that in 2003 he copied, almost word for word, a speech on Iraq from former Australian Prime Minister John Howard. Read more and watch the speech.


"Phoque" or "fuck" - when it comes to culture, Canadians don’t speak the same language

Language gaps and cultural misunderstandings are an integral part of daily life for Canadians dealing with their fellow countrymen from the other side of the French - British divide. This rather amusing sketch about the issue is also a serious warning about the future of Canadian culture, which according to the clip, faces near-extinction. Read more...

Terrorists training in the Canadian wilderness

A video that will be used as evidence against a group of alleged Islamic extremist terrorists has emerged on the internet just before one of the accused is to stand trial for Canada's first ever terror plot. But the footage was shot on a weekend camp organised by an informant paid by Canada's security services - a detail largely overlooked by the Canadian media. Read more and see the video...

Susan wants to open Canada’s first ever brothel

Prostitution is legal in Canada, but brothels aren’t. As a result sex workers put their lives at risk to go to work. Now, Susan Davies, a prostitute for 22 years, is campaigning to open the country’s first brothel in Vancouver. Read more...

Montreal fire-fighters try for Toronto wages

A Montreal fire engine with the altered Toronto emblem

Montreal fire-fighters are arguing for a pay rise to equal their Toronto counterparts- who have just received a three per cent rise. But because of a law in Quebec that prohibits emergency services from going on strike, the workers have had to find a more innovative way to complain. To get their message across the stations are plastering a new emblem on their engines. An altered version of the Toronto motif, where the original features Toronto's landmark CN Tower; Montreal's version has the equally famous Montreal Olympic Stadium in its place. Their message to the council is clear: we want equal pay. Read more...