China’s “Good Samaritan” turns Party into a laughing stock

Lei Feng is the Chinese Communist Party's favourite do-gooder. The late comrade has been unknowingly representing good behaviour since he died in 1962. Each year, a day is held to encourage his enviable virtues. But this year, the legend has been employed by one web user to make a mockery of the Chinese Communist Party; with his very own blog. Read more...


McCain’s Move: Bold or Bonkers?

Ed Mazza is the Observer's regional editor for the United States. He'll be following the 2008 election online and posting daily roundups of the latest from the campaigns and the blogosphere. Read his blog review...


Grace, 27, stripper

Grace is 27. She's a stripper in a Texas club. Two years ago, she started a blog about her day-to-day life, telling tales far from the glamorous clichés of porno-chic bars. And she discovered a talent. Her writing is polished and to the point. Sometimes sad, but not always. She tells her story to the Observers. Read more...


What better than to spy on the guards that spy on you

Hu Jia films his jailers passing the time with a game of cards

Last month we publicised the case of blogger Hu Jia, arrested at his home on 27 December for openly criticising the organisation of the Olympic Games. Here we publish an extract from the documentary ‘Prisoners in Freedom City', that he and his wife Jeng filmed in the year before his arrest. This is the direct testimony of a Chinese dissident under 24h supervision by secret police. Read more...


Killed for filming police brutality on his mobile

When Wei Wenhu saw police forces beating up protesting villagers in Tianmen (central China), he took out his mobile and filmed the scene. But when he was spotted and tried to run away, he found himself being chased by around 20 police officers. Read more and see videos...


The American elections viewed from abroad

The U.S elections are followed from every corner of the world. From Colombia to Iran and Gibraltar, our Observers wonder who would make the best ‘president of the world'. Read more...