Fake jihadists at Belgian Carnival for 'comic relief'

The yearly carnival held in Alost, a town in the Belgian region of eastern Flanders, is known for its political incorrectness and its zany, over-the-top costumes. This year, one costume on show was particularly surprising to onlookers – a group of festival-goers dressed up as militants from the Islamic State jihadist organisation (IS). Our Observer, who went to festival, wasn’t shocked. Read more...

Tintin guilty of racism? Let the Congolese decide

A Brussels court will decide on 31 May whether to ban a comic from the Tintin series because it is racist. The case is being brought against the book's publishers by a Congolese man who says that "it makes people think that blacks have not evolved". Read what one of our Congolese Observers has to say on the affair...

Two drunk policemen stumble onto the web

Quite a scandal in Belgium after a video of two uniformed policemen, completely drunk, was posted on YouTube. Staggering along the middle of the road before rolling over onto a level crossing, the inebriated pair have been viewed over 670,000 times since they were posted on YouTube a week ago. Read more and see the clip...


Survivor’s photos of Belgium train crash

At least 20 people are feared dead after two trains collided head-on in Halle (southwest Brussels), at 8.30am this morning. See the first photos uploaded to Twitter.


The man who foresaw the Internet…in 1934

Sixty years before its creation, Belgium's very own mad professor, Paul Otlet, envisaged a data exchange system that bore an uncanny resemblance to the internet. Read more...