Basij militia

Tehran’s graffiti war

One of the ways Tehran's anti-government "green movement" has been protesting the June election is to spray paint their message in green across the capital. Not impressed, Basij militia members spend their days spray painting over the tags with their own messages, in black. Read more and see the photos...


“When men saw women being beaten they snapped”

A protestor photographed on Dec. 27 in Tehran. Source: Teheranlive.

Sheema, a protestor who took part in Sunday's demonstration, tells us about how a group of officers were caught by protestors, and about the abuse of women at the hands of Basij militiamen. Read more...


Basij militiaman: 'I hoped it would never come to shooting them'

The Basij militia has been blamed for extreme brutality in the violent aftermath of the contested June 12 election in Iran. A Basij commander who volunteers for one of the Tehran branch of the militia, describes his account of one the bloodiest clashes, on June 20. Read more...