Bangladesh struck by wave of atheist blogger murders

A blogger known for his atheist views was brutally killed Monday in Bangladesh, a month after February’s murder of the Bangladeshi-American blogger Avijit Roy. Read more…


Bangladeshis toil to clean up oil spill with bare hands

An oil spill in Bangladesh is threatening to destroy rare species, an entire ecosystem, and the economic resources that thousands of people rely on. The spill took place a week ago in Bengal, in the protected region of Sundarbans. Due to the slow reaction of the authorities, locals are trying to mop up their river themselves, using what little means they have. Read more…

Meet the ‘Infoladies’: the women who get Bangladesh's villages connected

In Bangladesh, dozens of women on wheels are biking into remote villages and hooking poverty-stricken families up to the net. Thanks to ‘Infoladies’, tens of thousands of people are connecting with social media, chatting to loved ones, and getting government services. Read more...

Battle over blasphemy deepens divisions in Bangladesh

As the death toll rises to at least 38 after Sunday and Monday’s crackdown on Islamist protesters in Bangladesh, an Observer in the capital, who filmed the aftermath of these clashes, explains how divided the country has become. Read more…

Increasing violence in Bangladesh after Islamist leader gets life sentence

Bangladesh has been roiled by violence following the handing down of a life sentence for radical Islamic leader Abdul Quader Mollah, for crimes perpetrated during the war of independence. While his supporters condemn the sentence, his detractors have taken Dhaka’s central square to call for a stricter punishment: execution. Read more...

In pictures: opposition protests turn violent in Bangladesh

Burnt-out cars and debris were strewn across the streets of the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka, earlier this week following clashes between opposition protesters and police. The opposition Islamist Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) political party had organised a demonstration to demand its top leaders be released; several had been arrested for crimes against humanity allegedly committed during the bloody Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971. Read more...

Slum destruction leaves thousands on the street

For the past five days, thousands of people in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, have been living under the open sky, with no food, clean water, or shelter from the nightly rains. They have been evicted from a large section of Karail, one of the city’s sprawling slums and the government has no plans to help relocate them. Read more...

Thirty hour-long strike in Bangladesh


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A group of loyalist of Bangladesh government swings a stick towards a member of Islami Andolan during the 3o hour strike in Bangladesh.© Monirul Alam

A group of loyalist of Bangladesh government swings a stick towards a member of Islami Andolan Bangladesh, a radical Islamist group, during a daylong strike in Kachpur near Dhaka.Twelve mostly Islamist political parties have called a 30-hour countrywide general strike from July 10 to protest the 15th constitution amendment bill which was passed into law. The bill scrapped the caretaker government system but retained Islam as state religion, alongside some other basic changes, police said.


Smuggler's rare bird collection suffocates in hold of plane

More than a thousand rare birds have been intercepted by customs officers at Bangladesh’s Hazrat Shahjalal international airport in Dhaka after a trafficker attempted to smuggle them into Pakistan. Our Observer witnessed the scene. Read more…


Dhaka firefighters told "too dangerous" to reach deadly blaze

After last week's devastating blaze in Dhaka saw its 119th victim on Monday, authorities began a crackdown on illegal chemical warehouses, which they blame for the fire. One of our Observers who was at the scene tells us why he thinks so many died. Read more...