Is the "Bahraini Spring" truly peaceful and non-sectarian?

In February 2011, Bahrain joined the ranks of countries undergoing an “Arab Spring” revolt. Since then, Bahraini anti-government protesters, like those in Tunisia and Egypt, have sought to present their movement as non-violent and non-sectarian. However, according to some of our Observers, the rift between the country’s Sunnis and Shiites is today at the centre of the rebellion, and protesters are not always as peaceful as the opposition claims. Read more...

In photos: Bahraini protesters take on Formula 1 Grand Prix

After several weeks of protests against the Formula 1 Grand Prix, scheduled to begin Sunday, Bahrain anti-government activists are ramping up their efforts to have the event cancelled by declaring “three days of rage”, from Friday to Sunday.


On jailed activist’s birthday, daughter screams outside his prison – and is arrested

Zainab Al-Khawaja, well known on Twitter as @angryarabiya, was arrested Thursday night in Manama as she screamed outside the prison where her father is incarcerated, her lawyer reported. Her father, prominent human rights activist Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja, was on day 57 of a hunger strike; it was also his birthday. Read more...

Protesters aren't the only ones throwing Molotov cocktails – now the police are

Homemade firebombs, also known as Molotov cocktails, are usually the reserve of those who don't have access to standard weapons. Lately, however, Bahraini police, better known for their liberal use of tear gas against protesters, have also taken to throwing Molotov cocktails. Read more...


Security forces clash with protesters trying to reach symbolic Pearl Square

Using rubber bullets and tear gas, security forces rebuffed protesters who tried to reach Manama’s iconic Pearl Square Friday afternoon. Several hundred protesters had branched off from an earlier massive protest, during which security forces had not intervened. Our Observer, who was among the protesters, tells us why Pearl Square is so important to the opposition. Read more...


‘Nothing has changed’ as Bahraini police thwart anniversary protest

Protesters made repeated attempts to retake Bahrain’s symbolic Pearl Square in the capital Manama on Tuesday to mark one year since anti-government demonstrations first erupted in the country. Despite sustained marches over the past year, our Observer says that none of the protesters demands have been met, and that the situation in the country has actually deteriorated. Read more...


Bahrain: Use of tear gas intensifies, seeps into homes

As protests continue in the tiny Gulf state of Bahrain, the police keep bombarding dissenters with tear gas, which local residents say is now getting both stronger and thicker. It’s not only affecting just protesters, either – tear gas is getting into people’s homes. For many, it’s now becoming part of everyday life. Read more…


Bahraini mourners smoked out of wake with teargas

Mourners attending a wake at a private residence in the central Bahraini village of Aali were forced to clamber through windows to escape teargas this weekend after being attacked by security forces. According to our Observer, who attended the wake, the security forces’ reaction was sparked by fear that the vigil could turn into an anti-government protest. Watch the video...

Protesters and Bahraini police clash after funeral procession

Several hundred people from Bahrain's capital Manama marched on the city’s Pearl Square Friday after attending the nearby funeral of Ali Hassan Al Daihi – father of prominent opposition figure Sheikh Hussain Al Daihi. According to our Observer, police used tear gas and rubber bullets to break up the procession. Read more…