Bahrain in shock after teenage boy killed in clashes

The village of Sitra, south of the Bahraini capital Manama, has been in shock following the death of a teenage boy last Wednesday during clashes between Shiite demonstrators and police. The boy had been filming the protests on behalf of opposition activists. Read more...

The video that stunned Bahrain on its uprising’s anniversary

The second anniversary of Bahrain’s popular uprising was marked by renewed violence, resulting in the death of a 16-year old boy. On this video, filmed right after the teenager’s death, a desperate protester can be seen risking his life to stand up to the police. Read more...

Anger in Bahrain following brutal arrest of female protester

During a protest against the Bahraini regime on January 18, police violently arrested Zahra Al Shaikh, a member of the opposition. She had allegedly refused to disperse with the rest of the protesters and insulted police officers. According to protesters that were present, she was hit in the face and her veil was forcibly removed. This has angered the regime’s opponents. Read more…

The police slap heard all over Bahrain

Video footage of police violence in Bahrain abounds online, so much so that it rarely stirs debate. However, a recent video has whipped up a storm of protests in the kingdom. Perhaps because this time it doesn’t show protesters being attacked – but rather a man being humiliated in front of his young son during a routine identity check. Read more...

From Iran to DR Congo, our Observers share reactions to Obama’s win

As soon as Barack Obama’s re-election was announced, Internet users from around the world went online to react to the news. Our Observers sent us some of the most interesting comments they spotted, giving us an idea of how Obama’s win is viewed outside of the United States. Some are enthusiastic, others blasé, and yet others downright funny. Read more…


Bahraini police caught on camera spraying tear gas into homes

Bahraini residents regularly send us videos showing the police making liberal use of tear gas. This latest video, however, is particularly striking. Read more...


Is the "Bahraini Spring" truly peaceful and non-sectarian?

In February 2011, Bahrain joined the ranks of countries undergoing an “Arab Spring” revolt. Since then, Bahraini anti-government protesters, like those in Tunisia and Egypt, have sought to present their movement as non-violent and non-sectarian. However, according to some of our Observers, the rift between the country’s Sunnis and Shiites is today at the centre of the rebellion, and protesters are not always as peaceful as the opposition claims. Read more...

In photos: Bahraini protesters take on Formula 1 Grand Prix

After several weeks of protests against the Formula 1 Grand Prix, scheduled to begin Sunday, Bahrain anti-government activists are ramping up their efforts to have the event cancelled by declaring “three days of rage”, from Friday to Sunday.