Car crash involving wealthy man sparks riot

What started out with a row over a minor car accident has spiralled into rioting, the torching of a hotel and calls for a regional governor to resign in Ismailli, a town in central Azerbaijan. According to our Observer, rioters believed the wealthy driver involved in the crash was related to the governor, and that this unleashed their pent-up anger against him. Read more…


Eurovision build up marred by crackdown on protests in Azerbaijan

As the glitzy Eurovision song contest gets underway in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, opposition groups strive to use the international attention to show a much less glamorous side of the host country. Read more...

After civil unrest in Azerbaijan, govt gives in to protesters’ demands

Don’t insult your constituency, or you might just lose your job – and have your home burned down. That’s the lesson the governor of Azerbaijan’s northern province of Quba learned Thursday after an outbreak of civil unrest, a rare occurrence in the country. Read more…

Two years in jail for donkey video

Two Azerbaijani bloggers were sentenced to jail on Wednesday. Charged with "hooliganism", the pair were arrested shortly after posting a satirical video online which mocked the government's alleged purchase of a dozen - suspiciously priced - 41,000 dollar donkeys from Germany. Read more and watch the video...

Amateur video of abuse in the Azerbaijani army: a fake?

According to bloggers, this video shows the abuse of young recruits to the Azerbaijani Army. The authorities, however, say it is a fake; a montage of scenes acted out by civilians. Warning: you might find these images upsetting. Read more and see the video.