Angolans battle to save iconic theatre bridging past and present

There are many casualties in the rapid expansion of Luanda, the capital of Angola and now one of the most expensive cities in the world. One may soon be the Elinga Theatre. Its loss would deprive Luanda of a historical landmark and a social space that, according to our Observer, bridges the country's political and socioeconomic divides. Read more...

Video shot in an Angolan prison reveals guards’ cruelty

A video making the rounds on social media since Saturday shows prison guards viciously beating dozens of inmates in Luanda’s central prison, with the assistance of the police. The reason for these beatings remains unclear, but our Observer is glad that this violence, which is commonplace in Angolan prisons, has been made public. Read more…

Video of men humiliating 'women thieves' shocks Angola

A video published last week on social networks shows alleged petty thieves being humiliated and brutalised by a group of men in a supermarket in Luanda, the capital of Angola. Our Observer says this incident illustrates the “lack of respect” toward women in her country. Read more...

Africa’s largest market under threat

Stallholders at the Roque Santeiro market in Luanda, Angola, are getting ready to pack up and leave for good. The local council has decided to move Africa’s largest market to a site north of the capital. Read more...