Andry Rajoelina

Is the crisis in Madagascar really over?

Since Andry Rajoelina took power last month, Madagascar is no longer front page news. The conflict however, is not over, and supporters of exiled president Marc Ravolomanana continue to demonstrate. One of our Observers there tells us how the government is trying to put a stop to the movement. Read more...


Razily, a new hero in the ousted president's camp

Supporters of ousted president Marc Ravalomanana defied the new authorities on Saturday, causing violent clashes in the capital. One man marched towards troops holding a Madagascar flag in the air. Known as "Razily," the man was arrested, and the video has made him a hero among supporters of Ravalomanana. See the video...


Why Ravalomanana is out

Malagasy President Marc Ravalomanana has just stepped down and handed power over to the army. Why, after being re-elected for a second term two years ago, does this Malagasy politician find himself walking out the back door? Rewind to the start of the crisis...