Algerian immigrants deported from Italy bound and gagged

Following their expulsion from Italy, two Algerian immigrants were bound and gagged on an Alitalia flight deporting them to Tunisia. Outraged not only by the situation but also by the apparent apathy of his fellow travellers, one passenger decided to snap photos of the two men and post the images on the Internet. Read more…

Half a century after independence, Algerians who fought with the French are still stigmatised

This month, as Algeria celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Evian Accords, which brought an end to the Algerian War, the painful issue of the the Algerians who fought with the French army has resurfaced. Harkis, as they are known, are still considered by many in Algeria as traitors. Read more...

Afraid to protest in the street, youth criticise government during football matches

The Arab Spring's momentum was short-lived in Algeria. Protests have been quickly muzzled, so Algeria’s youth have taken their angry chants off the streets and into the football stadiums. Read more...

Tuareg minority flees Libya, fearing attacks by anti-Gaddafi fighters

It is a difficult time for Libya’s minorities, many of whom are suspected by the former rebels of serving as mercenaries for Muammar Gaddafi. Among these minorities are Libya’s Tuaregs, members of a nomadic people who live throughout northwest Africa. More than 500 Tuaregs have fled southern Libya in the past week to find refuge in Algeria. They no longer feel safe in Libya, according to our Observers. Read more...

Algerian smugglers send petrol to Libya, creating shortage at home

One of our Observers has sent us images of gigantic lines of cars queuing at petrol stations in eastern Algeria. He explains that petrol is being illegally exported to Libya, causing a shortage in his region – which is rather ironic in a country that is one of the world’s biggest oil exporters. Read more…

Why is Bab el-Oued up in arms?

Protesting youths clashed with security forces on Wednesday night in the neighbourhood of Bab el-Oued in Algiers. Our Observer, who witnessed the riots, tells us why this impoverished and historically restive neighbourhood is once again up in arms. Read more and watch the videos…

Algerian Christians face jail sentence for breaking Ramadan fast

On October 5, an Algerian court will hand down its verdict in the trial of two construction workers arrested on August 12. Their crime? They took a lunch break and drank water at their work place in the middle of the Ramadan fasting period. Read more...


Hunger strike to earn their keep

A group of unemployed young people have been on hunger strike since 3 August in Hassi R’mel in the Algerian Sahara. They’re protesting against favouritism in employment procedures in the gas-rich region. Read more


Algeria “Islamist threat” poster raises hackles across the Mediterranean

France's National Front party is plastering this image around the country in the hope of gaining some votes for the upcoming regional elections. A woman wearing the niqab, minarets turned missiles, a clear "No to Islamism", and France draped in... the Algerian flag. A rather specific choice, and one that hasn't gone down well in the North African country. Read more...


Pre-match Khartoum heating up

Slogans and partisan chants rang out all night in Khartoum, the Sudanese capital, ahead of Wednesday’s much anticipated World Cup qualification play-off between Egypt and Algeria. Watch the videos...