Sidi Bouzid runs dry after Salafists destroy last remaining bar

Tunisia’s western city of Sidi Bouzid is now dry. The last remaining bar was forced to close earlier this week after it was ransacked by a mob of religious extremists. Although the establishment had long been targeted by threats, its owner chose to keep his doors open, believing the local authorities’ promises to protect his business. Read more…

Four Loko, or "Blackout in a Can", faces a ban in the United States


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Cranberry Lemonade Four Loko

Four Loko may seem like any other energy drink but after reading the government mandated warning labels you notice that it has one ingredient that makes it different from all the others on the U.S. market, alcohol. One 23.5 ounce can has as much alcohol as six beers and as much caffeine as both a full energy drink and a full cup of coffee, not counting the other stimulating chemicals such as guarana.


"If you can’t take your drink, you’re not man enough for the World Cup"

"Just a kid? So take a 750ml". That's how a South African brewery is advertising large bottles of Carling Black Label for the World Cup. Read more...


France cracks down on Facebook gatherings after reveller dies

Enjoying an aperitif with friends is almost mandatory in France. But just how many friends? The latest craze is to get together with hundreds of strangers in an open space. And it's no longer a case of one pre-dinner drink. Prearranged by anonymous organisers on social networking sites, particularly Facebook, the booze-fuelled events have become increasingly popular in the traditionally refined state. That is, until somebody died at one of them on Wednesday. Read more...


Two drunk policemen stumble onto the web

Quite a scandal in Belgium after a video of two uniformed policemen, completely drunk, was posted on YouTube. Staggering along the middle of the road before rolling over onto a level crossing, the inebriated pair have been viewed over 670,000 times since they were posted on YouTube a week ago. Read more and see the clip...


Sanitizing gel: great for your hands, not so great for your stomach

Hand sanitizer sales have shot up since the outbreak of the swine flu pandemic, giving rise to an unexpected side trend: getting high on the alcohol-based substance. Read more and watch the videos…


North Korea’s first beer advert: a toast to capitalism?

Three minutes of sickeningly kitsch video is North Korea's way of advertising their home-brewed lager. In the land where advertising has been, until now, non-existent, is Kim Jong-il edging North Korea slowly towards capitalism? Read more and see the ad...