Coca-Cola defacing Venice under 'restoration' pretexts

Over the past few years, the city of Venice has set up multiple partnerships with commercial groups such as Coca-Cola to fund the restoration of its heritage, in exchange for enormous advertising billboards on the city's historic buildings. The result is defacing the "City of Doges".


"If you can’t take your drink, you’re not man enough for the World Cup"

"Just a kid? So take a 750ml". That's how a South African brewery is advertising large bottles of Carling Black Label for the World Cup. Read more...


South Africa according to World Cup adverts: tribes, jeeps and animals

All in the name of World Cup fever, advertisers around the world have been given the task of selling this year's host state - South Africa, the Rainbow Nation. One of our Observers isn't very impressed with the depictions of his home country. Read his review of some of the worst...


Could they accept "sexy burqa" ad in France?

French MP Jean-François Copé explained on Thursday that police officers will be asking women to remove their full veil on the street or else receive a fine under the proposed "burqa ban". So what would the French do with this German lingerie ad - which depicts the veil as something far from a religious restraint for women? Read more and see the clip...


Saucy billboards to be "buried" for carrying name of God

An Israeli TV network has agreed to take down billboards advertising a saucy soap after rabbis complained about the Judaic scriptures used in the background. The only problem - the ads are emblazoned with the name of God, meaning they'll have to be given a proper burial. Read more...


Beijing re-markets "Made in China" to the world


Tainted milk, killer toys, allergenic couches or pesticide-filled ravioli... Major manufacturing scandals have tarnished the reputation of Chinese products. In an attempt to shore up the image of the "Made in China's" label, the government has launched an advertising campaign targeting the West. Read more and watch the video...


Chinese tissue advert sparks unification spat with Taiwan

One of China's public demonstrations of disregard for Taiwan's independence comes in the form of an advert for tissues. Not surprisingly, the Chinese ad was far from welcomed across the straits. A few days ago, a Hong Kong TV channel aired a rude parody of the Chinese ad made by Taiwanese web users. But why? Read more and see the clips...


Moscow council is corrupt and xenophobic... they said so themselves

"Driver, give way to expensive foreign cars with flashing lights!"

Muscovites were, on September 24, surprised to find adverts in the city streets suggesting that their council was corrupt, xenophobic and irresponsible. Carrying the council logo, the allegations seemed to be coming straight from the horse's mouth. Read more and see the photos...


Denmark, where girls are easy and sex unprotected

The following advert was produced by the Danish tourism agency VisitDenmark. After the video had received 800,000 hits in just four days, the agency removed it from YouTube on Monday following complaints that it promoted promiscuity and unprotected sex. Read more and see the video...