Who pays for our "ambassadors"?

"Olympic athletes are our country's ambassadors", said Gianni Petrucci, president of the Italian Olympic Committee (Coni). "It would be normal they receive a special attention," he concluded. Petrucci was pointing to the taxes medal winners have to pay; a levy he wishes to lift. Read more...


Moroccan or Bahraini?

The success of Rachid Ramzi, Moroccan by birth but Bahraini by adoption, has provoked lively controversy between bloggers on who should claim responsibility for his victory. So which country gets the titles? Read more

BMX in Blue

France's Anne-Caroline Chausson and Laetitia Le Corguillé clinched the gold and silver medals in BMX, which made its debut in Beijing. For the staff it's an immense satisfaction - especially for Fabrice Vettoretti, France's BMX coach. Read more


The Beijing Olympics : A gold medal for audience numbers

With a potential of 1.5 billion viewers, Chinese broadcast companies won the gold medal in TV audience. Although the national television CCTV has the monopoly, the Games remain a good opportuity for local stations too. Read more


Why are 'lefties' simply the best?

Yet again, a number of “lefties” – or left-handed people - have taken the top spots in fencing. What makes the lefties win? Read more


Olympics, the fifth title of the Grand Slam

The greatest names in tennis played in this year’s Olympic Games: Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Nikolay Davidenko, Jelena Jankovic and Svetlana Kuznetsova, among others. The prestigious line-up perhaps proved that the Olympic title has found its place in the ATP and WTA calendar. Read more.


Usain Bolt, how far can he go?

Usain Bolt crossed the finish line easily and turned to the crowd, savouring his victory. Formerly a 200-metre specialist, Jamaica's Bolt won the Olympic Games men's 100-metre gold medal, crushing everything in his way. Read more.


A phenomenon called Phelps

If the number 8 is a sign of prosperity and luck in the Chinese culture, it is also a synonym for happiness for Michael Phelps. The American swimmer, 23, could this year enter into legend by breaking the all-time record of 7 gold medals amassed by his compatriot, Mark Spitz, at the Munich games in 1972. Read more.

'Les Bleus' still waiting for the magic to kick in

French gold hopeful Anne-Lise Touya, Frederique Jossinet, Franck Dumoulin... All theses athletes were supposed to mount the podium in Beijing, or at least to win a medal, but failed. At this moment, France is on hold. Read more


Will China shine at its Olympics?

China has waited seven years for these Games, so there is little doubt how much the Chinese want to succeed at their Olympics. To stage the opening ceremony in front of 80 heads of states is already an awesome victory for the regime. However, one thing is sure. We already know that China will not step on the podium in two categories: human rights and the environment. Read more