Farewell to Beijing !

Numerous records, a golden medal for the French swimmer Alain Bernard in 100 m, Michael Phelps who breaks Mickael Spitz's seven records, Usain Bolt who wins the 100 m, The golden medal for the Young Experts, ... But also Laure Manaudou's defeat and Liu Xiang's withdrawal....

During the Olympic Games, about thirty people react and analyze the main events, with their testimony and their comments. To clore this website, diversed and coloured, here are the impressions of some of them about this edition 2008 and their best memories. Read more.

"Everyone wants to show the world China is ready to welcome them"

No less than 300,000 official volunteers are in Beijing to help tourists find their way in the capital city. And that's not counting the ones who were not selected but want to show the world that China is ready to welcome them. Read more


Olympics are no treat for Beijing’s illegal workers

For most inhabitants of Beijing, the long-awaited Olympics are a unique opportunity for rejoicing and pride. Yet for the city's numerous illegal workers, the Games are tantamount to a threat of expulsion. Read more...

Olympics: "Cheer Beijing Workers" drafted in to fill empty seats

US photoblogger Kevin German took pictures of a gymnasium in Beijing just before the start of a weightlifting contest. He noticed that most seats were empty... until the arrival of professional supporters. Read more...


Beijing residents pay the price for the Games

Since the start of the Games, car traffic has been reduced by half in the Chinese capital. An alternative circulation plan was enforced to reduce the level of pollution and allow foreign tourists to move about in the city, home to 16 million people. But for the residents who are working, it's another story. Read more


Bernard enters into legend

It's done. Alain Bernard is Olympic champion in 100 metres freestyle. Read more


Green games? Far from it

Despite all efforts to reduce the dense pollution over Beijing, the Chinese government has struggled to meet its targets. Read more


The Beijing 2008 Observers

From August 8th to 24th, the world's finest athletes will enter the Beijing arena for the Games of the XXIXth Olympiad. To follow this historic event, twenty-nine FRANCE 24 Observers from 10 different countries will bring you highlights from the Beijing Games, through their commentaries, pictures and videos. Read more...