Why they're chanting “Death to Russia!” in Tehran

Thousands of opposition supporters gathered for Friday Prayers in Tehran last week. Most of the slogans on show were anti-Ahmadinejad, but there were also, strangely, many people demonstrating against Putin and Medvedev's Russia. Read more...


Burning car rescue caught on camera

This is the raw footage of a woman and her two young children being rescued from a burning car by off-duty firefighters. See the video...


“Punk’s not dead, it’s just under police surveillance”

One of our Observers in Russia, blogger Sean Guillory, has made us aware of an unusual addition to the country's "extremist" list. The authorities have added none other than, punks, to their blacklist. Read more...


Tell me which country you live in, I’ll tell you which ad to broadcast

Advertising in Saudi Arabia is a billion euro market - the biggest in the Arab world. In order to get a piece of the cake however, agencies have to customise productions so that women are covered up, and do not use their left hands - even if it's passing a sandwich to their young son. Read more and see an example...

Military man-eating robots soon to be let loose?

Web users managed to convince the world that a corpse-eating robot was about to be let loose last week after a robotics company announced the release of an android that was fuelled by biomass. Infuriated by the outrageous embellishment, the company released a sarcastic press release, maintaining that "This robot is strictly vegetarian". Read more...


Haredim, the ultra Ultra-Orthodox Jews fighting the state

Extremist Ultra-Orthodox Jews have been rioting for three days after social services took a woman's child away from her for alleged starvation. Read more...


First video of Tehran gathering

Thousands of opposition supporters gathered after Friday Prayers at Tehran University today. These are the first images to emerge from the event. See the video.


Hunting the homo – the game infuriating gay rights activists

A video game hosted by a Georgian website is causing outrage in the anti-homophobe world. The idea - to shoot nudists, before they bugger you, was created by a Frenchman. It's banned in France... but not in Georgia. Read more.


Northern Ireland – a return to violence?

Violent clashes between police and rioters continued for a third night in the Catholic district of Ardoyne last night, sparked by the Belfast's yearly Orange Parades - a celebration of Protestant rule in the region. Read more...


Separation wall - not a laughing matter

Light-hearted it may seem, but the latest ad from Israeli telecommunications company Cellcom is plain offensive for many in the region. The scene shows IDF soldiers playing football with (unseen) Palestinians, across the separation wall. A concept which, according to its critics, ridicules the Palestinians' situation. Read more and see the ad...