"I found a job thanks to the buzz I created online"

Some job-hunters will to anything for their CV to stand out, like try to hype it up on the Internet. Two Observers decided to put try their luck using social networks and video sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Daily motion to spread their video CVs far and wide. So did it work? Did employers return their calls and, ultimately, hire them? Read more...

No erotic Disneyland for the Chinese

China's first ever sex theme park was demolished on Monday, before it had even been opened. Deemed "evil" by officials, the giant genital sculptures that were hoped to bring sexual enlightenment to the Chinese public, are now lying in ruins. Censored blogger Muzi Mei explains why they didn't need it anyway. Read more...


EU festivities face Polish wrath

This video clip, released by the EU to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the iron curtain, has prompted a furious response from Poland. Read more...


Crossing the desert to get to Israel

One of our Observers in the northern town of Sheikh Zouwayd, in the Sinai desert, has passed on footage of illegal immigrants crossing the perilous border into Israel. It's a trip from which some never return. Read more and watch the video..


Cannes Festival: “full of smooth-talkers”

For 23-year-old comedian Deborah Newman, Cannes Festival is a make-or-break. One way, you build a base of professional contacts, the other, you get scammed by fakes full of empty promises. Read more...


AK-47s in the suburbs: police “don’t want to die for a crappy wage”

A police van travelling through the north Paris suburb of La Courneuve came under fire from Kalashnikov automatic rifles on Sunday. Why is violence in the French suburbs escalating? Read more...

Lawyer who predicted his own death: “I was murdered by President Colom”

"... it's because I was murdered by President Alvaro Colom". Four days later, lawyer Rodrigo Rosenberg Marzan was shot dead in broad daylight. Read more and see the video...


The Mingora diaries: “a fierce battle is going on”

Pakistan’s army has temporarily suspended a curfew in the Swat valley to help stranded civilians escape raging battles between Pakistani forces and the Taliban. Three days ago our Observer in Mingora told us his family had escaped, but he was staying behind. Now, his brother says he has no news from the war zone. Read more...


Youth suicide bomber stopped in the nick of time

Guardians at the Shi’ite Al-Zahra mosque in Kirkuk, in northern Iraq, managed to stop a young suicide bomber on May 1, moments before he could set his explosive belt alight during Friday’s prayer. Read more...

Living on the edge in Sao Paulo

Photo by Choque.

Brazilian media can’t decide whether these graffiti are the work of artists or of delinquents. But for their authors, “pichaçao” is all about living dangerously. Read more and view the photos…